Does This Prove Consciousness Exists Outside of Your Brain? (Video)


The human brain is quite possibly the most complex machine in existence or at least the most complex in the way that we can comprehend it using said machine (the brain). However could it be argued that the human brain is not the producer of consciousness, but more a vehicle for consciousness to be processed?

This video explains the human brain and how, it is in essence 2 brains, which provide 2 separate functions, which when split cause all kinds of strange malfunctional behaviour. To use an analogy could it be like the brain is the computer and consciousness is the internet. The computer is needed in order to channel the consciousness, but the intricate and complex network which is the internet actually exists outside of the computer and the computer is just channeling its power? And in the same way our computer can overheat or our cables can get worn, our brain can sustain damage which affects its ability to process consciousness. But the consciousness is still there in full force? Food for thought perhaps.

Source: Truth Theory



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