Carl Sagan’s Ambitious College Reading List

Carl Sagan continues to influence the minds of generations through his legacy. But what books influenced Sagan, igniting his passion for astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, and astrobiology? Thanks to the Library of Congress’ Carl Sagan Archive, we have accessed approximately forty titles from the no doubt voluminous collection of reading material he had digested throughout his education.

You can see the original handwritten version below:

(Scroll down for the typed copy)

List of titles that Carl Sagan planned to read during one of his semesters at the University of Chicago. Library of Congress Manuscript Division


Sagan wrote this reading list in 1954, as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. On it he identifies the books to be read, whether wholly, partially, or as a part of his coursework:

In Whole

In Part

Course Readings:


Source: Open Culture

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