Time Traveling In Your Dreams

The thought of time traveling has always fascinated me. On a gut level, I truly feel this is a possibility. Even when I think of some of my favorite movies, they involve time travel, such as Back to the Future and Somewhere in Time.

In 2006, I was experiencing sleep apnea, so I had a sleep study done. A sleep study is where you spend the night in a controlled environment, hooked up to a bunch of electrodes that monitor your sleep patterns. As it turns out, I have a rare sleep anomaly where I instantly go into the dream stage and basically stay there all night. The downside is that I get ZERO of the deep sleep stage, where the body does most of its healing.

Here’s a good example. Did you ever catch yourself dozing off while on the sofa and you wake up as your head nods forward? We’ve all been there. For me, I can have a dream that seems like it’s 4 hours long by the time it takes for my head to hit my chest while on the sofa.

What that shows me is how time is an illusion.

For many people, our dream stage seems more like reality than our waking stage. When we dream, we escape the illusion of time. Did you ever notice how when you’re sleeping, you never know what day of the week it is or what time it is?

Our dreams bring us into the ethereal realms where time is non-existent.

Time is an artificial construct that keeps us locked into this 3rd dimensional reality. By having a “work week” and a “weekend” (weakened), we are basically agreeing to this construct of time.

The late Jose Arguelles studied the tomb of Mayan Leader Lord Pacal. According to Arguelles’ finding, one of the most important things we can do is to live without time. For most of us, that’s impossible to do because of our “work schedules” but try living without time on the weekend. That includes not wearing a watch or watching any scheduled television “programming”. Don’t look at your cell phone to see what time it is either. The best way to live without time is to engage yourself into nature, whether that’s taking a long walk or simply going fishing. By doing so, it brings our minds back into a more natural, dream-like state. What you’ll notice is how your creativity spikes when your mind is this relaxed.

A while back, I had a dream where I sent myself back in time from 26 years into the future. I remember someone asking me who I was and I said, “I am a master copy of myself.” In this dream, I sent a master copy of myself back from the future to help with the awakening process because we didn’t reach the critical mass the first time around. When I woke up, I thought that statement was so profound because a master copy of myself could be my oversoul or higher self.

Then again, it could have been me time traveling from the future.

I’ve found that once you remove the fear in your life, your dreams become either futuristic or more like a premonition because your mind no longer needs to process any fear related issues while you’re sleeping.

You may also find yourself in parallel universes or multiple realities once you remove the fear. These are pretty cool dreams because they’re happening right now, yet they show you how we are able to tap into multiple realities in order to manifest the most ideal outcomes in “real life”. This is basically how the Law of Attraction works, by bringing you the one of the best realities out of the unlimited amount of possibilities.

Do you believe that time travel is possible? Have you ever time traveled in your dreams?

Source: In5D

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