Which Fear Is Keeping You From Emerging As A Butterfly?

News flash: if you’re waiting for the big download, hoping that you will gain this huge insight into why you are here, what you are meant to do, the definition of your life’s purpose this time, my advice to you is to sit down and take a deep breath because this may come as a revelation: it isn’t coming as a big flash of lightening from above or outside or somewhere else, it is there waiting to bubble up from inside. It has always been there. Maybe you’ve sensed it, maybe you haven’t, but it has always been there. Isn’t that amazing? You were probably thinking it was going to be so hard, that you had to do something, turn around three times and burn incense before you would get “the word” or “the message”. But no! It was always there waiting for you – and for that matter it is actually present tense, it IS there waiting for you to just… be. Don’t DO, just BE.

I’ll summarize something that caught my attention in Carolyn Myss’ Book Entering the Castle: Mystics have a different relationship to time and space. You sabotage your own journey through fear – the fear that this journey might make you “different” and that it might just shift your relationship from ordinary life So what do you do to avoid? You worry about the “how” of everything: How will I get the message out, how will it come to me, how will I know, how can I support myself while I am waiting, how… how… how. Don’t you realize that you are holding yourself back by worry, by fear, by procrastinating because you want the answer to the big “how” question? It will happen. Just Be. That doesn’t mean avoid all responsibility, it means accept, surrender, believe and most importantly just know that what you are doing is right.

I have the sense that many people go into a cocoon while this process is taking place, while the fear is taking over, while the wait is on. I can feel that I do that often. It works, doesn’t it? Yes, for a while. Then restlessness sets in, curiosity and desire for progress come close enough to tease but hang out there just far enough so it takes a little effort to actually grab and hang on.

What if you met it half way? What if you actually let go and trusted and were willing to accept the momentum that is being generated right now as you read this? What would that take? How would that look? Here is that word again, HOW. What if, now that you have been in your cocoon stage for a while, you actually just took a deep breath and let go and said, “Okay, I’m ready”, without putting any attachment to the outcome? Do you have any idea what a beautiful butterfly would emerge? I do. I have seen it. I have seen it in others and the other day I saw it in myself. It is magical. We are all here to bring in the energy, to fly, to support each other because you are the wind beneath my wings and we all need each other to fly. And fly we will.

Do you think the reason you haven’t allowed your butterfly to come out is because you really are afraid of being different, of shifting your relationship to ordinary life? I’ve got another news flash: we already are different. We’ve always been different. This is the time to embrace it.

Take care of yourself during these energy shifts. Give yourself permission to rest when you want to. Do all the usual things of eating right and drinking plenty of water to keep grounded in this dimension. But be ready. It’s coming. You are a part of it. The place is here – the time is now. And you are exquisitely positioned to be right where you need to be.

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