How Your Sleep Position Influences Your Dreams


Do you love sleeping on your back, stomach or side? Well, whichever position you prefer, studies show that a slight change in your sleeping posture can affect how you dream. On top of that, it’s not a wise idea if you want to maintain good health.
I recently sat down with sleep experts and learned that there’s no perfect sleep position. They went on to say that for sweet dreams, you’ll need to keep your bedroom cozy. Of course, here, sleeping on a good mattress is one of the best ideas!
However, a majority of people today are changing their sleep posture for better dreams. I wouldn’t recommend this because sleeping in an unfamiliar position affects the overall quality of your sleep. In any case, check out how the various sleeping positions influence your dreams!

How About Sleeping On Your Back?

I’ve tried sleeping on my back for quite some time now, and I can say it’s not all that good. First, it causes awful lower back aches and other problems that destroy your dreams. Second, by sleeping with my face up, I kept on snoring and my nights were far from being restful. I also found out that there are people who’ve complained of sleep apnea!
I also experienced a lot of nightmares and couldn’t even remember my dreams. Most times, I felt uncomfortable and wished that the morning would come sooner rather than later!

Stomach Sleeping!

Although you might get some erotic dreams which are quite pleasant, you should avoid this sleeping posture. Those who love sleep on their stomach have restless nights full of constant tossing and turning as they try to get more comfortable. It also causes terrible strains on your neck and lower back.

Sleeping On Your Side


Here is maybe the most famous sleep position. I discovered that right-side sleepers experience better dreams and fewer nightmares as compared to those who choose to sleep on the left side. But, if you’re suffering from cases of heartburn, it’s better to sleep on your left side. It keeps your tummy beneath your esophagus to solve such acid reflux problems. Here, sleeping on the right side makes you dream of burning.

Sleeping in Multiple Positions

Do you love sleeping in different postures? Well, a good number of people enjoy changing postures as they sleep. I recently came across a report written by Shue Yan University which surveyed 670 students. Interestingly, around 194 of them loved sleeping in more than two positions making it impossible to tell the best positions for amazing dreams.
If you fall into this category, there’s only one thing you’ll need to know. Remember your sleep position when you get up in the morning. In most cases, it’s the one influencing how you dream. Besides, dreams happen during the REM stage of sleep, and the clearest ones occur towards the end of this phase. This is usually in the morning or just before waking up!

So, Why Are Dreams Important?

By now, you may be asking yourself why is dreaming so crucial that it would make someone change his or her sleep posture. Despite various studies on dreaming and sleep, there’s still no particular reason why we love dreaming. Personally, I find dreams useful in improving our mental and emotional health as well as problem-solving skills. They also give us the unique ability to function psychologically!

As I conclude, I would like to mention that we need to do more research on dreams. Although we’ve done a lot of surveys in figuring out the best sleep position for dreaming, sadly, these findings are not that reliable.
Outside influences may also hinder your dreams. So, if you’re having nightmares, don’t change your sleep posture immediately. You’re probably going through that because you watched a scary movie, or ate some spicy Chinese food. All in all, stick to your sleep position and you’ll have restful sleep with amazing dreams!

Written by Will Edelman



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