6 Powerful Grounding Techniques to Balance Your Root Chakra

The root chakra being the first chakra is located at the base of our spines and is the physical one. Health and security are  linked to this chakra.

The root chakra is our connection to the earth and allows us to be in touch with our surroundings.

Below are 6 techniques on how you can realign your root chakra


We all have a certain amount of faith, some of us believe in God, or maybe it’s a spirit or an angel guide.

Whenever you feel detached from mother earth, you should call upon one of them to help and give you guidance to realign your root chakra.


Black, brown and red are the colours which would be perfect for realigning your root chakra.

Red jasper, black obsidian, smoky quartz, or black tourmaline gemstones are the best to aid you when you feel detached.


Eating organic foods is one of the best ways to balance with the earth around you. The best foods are root foods – ginger, onions, beets, radishes, garlic and potatoes.

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Grounding – Earth

As our root chakra is one of the many ways we are connected to earth, we should spend a lot of time barefoot in the grass and sand.

This is the best possible way to ground yourself and your root chakra.


This exercise will strengthen your connection to the earth, therefore balancing your chakras.

Stand up straight yet relaxed, with your feet shoulder width apart.

Bend your knees slightly, while tilting your pelvis slightly forward.

With your weight evenly distributed, keep your body balanced.

Hold this position for several minutes.


While meditating focus on the colour red as it is the same colour as the root chakra.

You could possibly chanting “Lam” (pronounced “LUM”) as it is a cleansing mantra, which has a vibrational frequency that helps balance your root chakra.


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