Using Telepathy In Psychic Readings

Mediums and psychics use a whole host of tools and skills, as well as a whole host of natural ability and talent when it comes to exploring your subconscious world. They can sometimes receive help from a spirit guide or they may have the natural ability to see or hear things.

Some mediums and psychics are known for using telepathy in psychic readings to give the seeker the explanations and information they desire.

What is telepathy?

It is an ability that allows those gifted with this skills, to hear the thoughts contained within the swirling minds of other people. When people refer to ‘mind reading’, they are referring to telepathy. Those who possess this skill are known as a ‘telepath’.

It is a natural skill, a ‘talent’ that people are born with and which is discovered at an early age whilst the mind is still growing and developing. It is not a forced skill; you cannot teach someone how to be a telepath. Those born with this skill can read someone else’s thoughts with ease, which is why using telepathy in psychic readings is such an informative meeting.

However, if you are born the gift of being psychic or alert to the spirit world, then you can, slowly, learn to use a form of telepathy within readings to enhance the experience. Channelling the aura of someone is similar, as it allows the psychic to be ‘in tune’ with the seeker’s inner thoughts and sub-conscious. This takes effort and patience.

A note of gentle caution

For reasons of discrimination and fear of ridicule, not many people will admit to using telepathy in psychic readings. This seems at odds with the wonderful and colourful world of the psychic or medium but in this world of sceptics, some people prefer to keep this ability secret or hidden for fear that people will think them ‘mad’…

Is all telepathy the same?

Contrary to popular belief, there are three different types of telepathy;

Synchronous telepathy is the most well-known and is the one that people often refer to as ‘mind reading’. Using telepathy in psychic readings of this nature will allow the seeker’s thoughts to be read or heard.

Latent telepathy is when the psychic can receive or transfer message back and forth between their own mind and that of the person sat in front of them. But don’t think this is like email; it is not an instantaneous response. The ‘speed’ depends the strength of the psychic connection between the psychic and their subject.

Emotional telepathy allows the psychic to send emotion messages between one person and another. Using telepathy in psychic readings can be an interesting experience and this is certainly one. This process can make another person feel sensations or internal feelings as a way of sharing emotions between one person and another.

Telepathic skills are similar and psychics spend many years honing this skill and talent, creating superb results for those people who choose to have such readings to guide them in their lives.

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