How Bioenergy (Chi) is Measured in the Body

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How Bioenergy is measured in the body is done by means of a photomultiplier tube instrument that monitors a person’s bioenergy at the biophoton level. Sifu Cicero, an Instructor for the School of Chi Energy, who practices a nerve fiber building energy exercise that builds up her body’s nerve fiber system to release high levels of biophotons, did undergo this type of measurement.  She was invited by the Rhine Center to have her level of biophoton emissions measured.  Sifu Cicero was able to have her bio electromagnetic energy [chi] measured via a well-documented and innovative technique.

Below you’ll watch a video of this experiment that shows Sifu Cicero undergoing this biophoton test as researchers at the Rhine Research Center, associated with Duke University, measured her electromagnetic output with a biophoton measuring machine. The Rhine Center uses “a multiphasic ultra-violet light detector which is designed to measure individual photons produced per half second, Rhine researchers were able to measure dramatic increases in the number of photons in the light-proof room when certain people were meditating, performing healings, or claiming to manipulate Chi.”

The equipment used to measure bio-emissions are several special devices. The thermoelectric cooler is used to cool the photomultiplier tube to a negative 26 degrees centigrade.  This is done to reduce interference from the electrical devices.. The baseline is taken for each individual before they begin their healing, meditation, or energy work.  The photomultiplier tube actually measures the increase in photon emissions from the baseline for the individual being tested. Then it is the photomultiplier tube that measures biophotons. When one photon of light strikes this sensitive surface it dislodges several other electrons. The dislodged electrons accelerate striking many more electrons that cause a change reaction event.

Chi Energy Instructor Sifu Cicero measures at High Biophoton levels in the ultraviolet range.

Then check out the Current Research at the Rhine Research Center Bio-Energy Lab: In addition, make sure you read the Rhine Center’s Press Release from March 2012.

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