This Kid Remembers His Past Life as His Grandfather


Well, here is a strange story. Gus Taylor, at the age of one, while his father was changing his diaper told him – “Y’know, when I was your age I used to change your diaper!” And the response of the father wasWhoa… This is… weird.” The thing here is that Gus remembers his past life as his own grandfather.

It is a common thing for parents to think that claims like these are product of the kid’s imagination, but when the kids have a consistent story followed by such emotions, it’s really important to listen to them. Usually kids start talking about their past life as soon as they start talking. There are kids that cry for their past families because it was really recent having them.

Gus has never lost his family. In fact, he was there before, and he is there now, just in a different body. Gus is able to recognize his grandfather (or maybe himself) as a child in a large group photo, and he is also able to identify his grandfather’s first car.


The weirdest thing was when Gus claimed that his sister (his aunt) died, and became a fish. The story behind this claim is that she was murdered and her body was thrown into the San Francisco Bay.

This stunned everyone, because no one told him about the murder, yet, he is a child. How could he possibly know this?

This is unique story because Gus’s grandfather died a year before Gus was born. And the craziest thing is that Gus knows things that no one told him about.

Gus even told his mother – “You know, when we die, we get to come back! I used to be big, and now I’m a kid again!

If your child has past experiences, listen to them, you might learn something about your past life, or about somebody’s you know.

Source and Featured Image Source: Limitless Minds



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