Are You Paying Attention to the Universe?

The universe is giving us daily signs, yet the tricky part is that you may not recognize them. Decoding the guidance from the universe and applying them in our daily lives, could be a bit more than a challenge.

You may not even recognize the signs, as you could pass it off as a coincidence. Should you ignore the first sign, the universe will make it more obvious. It could shove you right out of your comfort zone.

Here are some signs you should pay special attention to when you notice them:

  1. Occurrences that you might even call coincidence, except that the timing is too perfect.
  2. Dreams with messages and visions.
  3. A text from a book, that would seem like it is directed at you in your current situation.
  4. Physical aches and pain – refer to Louise Hay. (Back ache would mean that you not supported)
  5. Intuition that you can’t ignore.
  6. Should you find something is harder than it should be, it may be a sign that you shouldn’t go down that path.
  7. Someone saying something to you that hits home.
  8. Song lyrics that you keep hearing over and over again.

Unfortunately the universe sends signs that are not always clear. Sometimes we are only half listening.

Keep your eyes open for strange coincidences, you switch the radio on, books fall open as if by accident, dreams appear. They are very confusing, as they don’t answer questions directly.

Remember you still have choices, regardless of what signs the universe is giving you. It’s all about free will and spiritual guidance. Wether you fail to observe or ignore the signs.

You could ask for spiritual guidance:

  1. “If there’s any action I’m supposed to take, please make it known.” 
  2.  “If I’m supposed to do [insert what you’re confused about], please send me a sign.” 
  3.  “Please use my dreams to deliver any messages You wish me to receive.” 

If you trust in the Universe it would be more likely to guide you.

Don’t Forget To Say THANK YOU! It’s all about GRATITUDE!

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