12 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Alpha Personality

We all know what the term alpha means in regards to a person’s demeanor. However, oftentimes, people simply don’t understand how our actions resonate with our alpha personalities.

Do you consider yourself to be an ‘alpha?’ If so, then check out these common things that people don’t realize you are doing because you are alpha.

1. Your Blunt, Even If It Hurts Someone’s Feelings

While most others like to sugar coat situations, you tell it like it is. Of course, some people don’t take so kindly to this, but you don’t care. You are real, and sometimes, the truth hurts, but people need to hear it.

2. You Do What You Say, and Expect the Same From Others

Your word means a great deal to you, and because of that, when you say you will do something, you do it. And if someone tells you they will do something, you expect the same in return.
3. Less Talking, More Action

Rather than sitting around chatting about your plans, you like to get down to it. In your eyes, talking about doing something is a waste of time. Instead, you’d rather just get it done.
4. You Don’t Mind Alone Time

Actually, you treasure it. You have an independence unlike anyone else, and you enjoy having some time to unwind, away from everyone else.
5. You Don’t Let People Push You Around

Even when subtle, you can pick up the vibes of someone else trying to push you around, and you won’t let it happen. While some people may misconstrue this as you people aggressive, you are only trying to stand up for yourself.
6. You Have Very Strong Beliefs

If you believe in something, you aren’t quick to change your mind and can be almost stubborn about it. However, this isn’t entirely a bad thing, as it means that you stick to and stand behind your beliefs.
7. You Do What You Love

Pointless activities have no merit in your life. Instead, you fill your time with activities that you enjoy.
8. You Don’t Care What Others Think About You

Impressing others is not something you worry with. On the contrary, you pretty much do what makes you happy, and if others don’t like it, well then, they don’t need to worry about it.
9. You Are Territorial

Whether it be from certain people, places or things, you are protective of your territory. And anyone who abuses them will have to pay the consequences.
10. You May Come Off As Bossy, But You Aren’t

While some people may perceive you as bossy, you don’t mean to boss others. Instead, you have a certain way of doing things and sometimes, you naturally take the lead.
11. You Are Picky

As a perfectionist, and someone that doesn’t waste time, you can be quite picky about everything. However, once you have made your choice, you will stick to it.
12. You Are a Hard Worker

As an alpha, you put all the effort you have into every task you endeavor to complete. This includes work, where you flourish due to your intensely productive demeanor.

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