Six Must Have Books for Understanding the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

Bookstore shelves are filled with books related to the body, mind and spirit connection. They all have something to offer and each one presents a unique perspective based on research, personal experience and the latest understandings of health and energy. I do not have any connection with the authors of the books I am recommending. I simply like what they have to say, enjoy their writing style and find the information useful for myself and my clients. For the past 23 years, I have specialized in holistic health and kinesiology or muscle testing. I study daily and love to pass on all of the valuable information to those who are searching for answers.

Louise L. Hay’s, Heal Your Life, is my first must have book recommendation. You may even have a version or two of this book. I still have my original, tattered 1982 copy. Many revisions have been written since the 80’s, but the information remains invaluable. I believe awareness is 99% of the solution to a problem. Opening Louise Hay’s book to a given physical symptom and reading the corresponding probable cause and the affirmation or new thought process is a first step in the healing process. It is an immediate awareness and look in the mirror.

Along the same lines as Heal Your Life, is an insightful book, The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal. I recommend this book to my clients to use as a guide to self-healing. Ms. Segal looks at the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual causes of physical symptoms and offers energetic exercises, color techniques and a multitude of thought-producing insights.

Clients always ask me what the best book is for understanding kinesiology and energy exercises. I immediately suggest Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women. Because we both had the honor of studying with the late Gordon Stokes, much of what is offered in Donna Eden’s book relates closely to the work that I do as a holistic health practitioner. She has created an easy to understand guide to eastern medicine based on her abilities as a medical intuitive, energy research and years of experience. Her books are invaluable self-help tools and offer a resource for a wide range of symptoms. The descriptions of the exercises are written clearly, the time needed to do the energy correction is listed and her drawings of the meridians and chakras are precise.

For women who want to understand their physical bodies as it relates to the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, Dr. Christian Northrup’s book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, is a must have. She takes her knowledge of the physiology of the body and combines it with her appreciation and understanding of mind-body wellness. In person, Dr. Northrup is entertaining, inspiring and dynamic. If you have the opportunity, watch lectures that she has done for public broadcasting. You will want to watch them over and over just as you will read and reread her books.

The list would not be complete without Anatomy of the Spirit, The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Carolyn Myss, Ph.D.. She takes you through the seven chakras, linking them to the emotional and spiritual stress and the physical symptoms and illnesses associated with each of these energy centers. Many people have to put the book down at the chapter on the second chakra because there is so much information to assimilate at that point. Dr. Myss gets you to confront many truths and you might even find yourself talking aloud to her as if she were right there!

There are more books than can be counted on the subject of the body, mind, spirit connection. I believe that these six books are important enough to suggest that everyone have them available as a resource. Each one is instrumental in getting you to think about your body from a new perspective. As with all information, take what fits for you right now and put the rest aside.

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