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Meet Dannion Brinkley~The Man Who Died and Came Back 3 Times

Dannion Brinkley has died and came back a total of 3 times in his life. His near death experiences have inspired him to volunteer in helping others as they cross over. Dannion is a well-known author and the founder of The Twilight Brigade, one of the largest end-of-life care organizations. Click Here for a List of Dannion’s Books on Amazon Featured Image Source: http://azquotes.com


19 Must Read Books about the Near Death Experience

What happens when we die? Do we have souls? Is there life after death? These are, perhaps, the greatest mysteries known to man. However, many claim that they have the answers to these questions. There are thousands of intriguing stories told by those who have been pronounced clinically dead, and came back to life. These stories share many similarities: a tunnel, an embracing light, loved ones welcoming them to the…