Using Crystal Skulls for Purification and Increasing Psychic Powers

Although many of us typically associate skulls with all things doom, gloom and death metal, crystal skulls have been going mainstream for the last few years, and with good reason: they’re changing the way we view this once macabre symbol and empowering us to heal and ascend. Crystal skulls have unique healing properties that combine intense vibrational energy with principles of sacred geometry incorporated into their design. By tapping into the power of crystal skulls, we can move one step closer to purifying our bodies and minds and discovering our psychic potential. 

Crystal Skulls

Changing the Idea of the Skull and What it Symbolizes 

The ‘age’ of a crystal skull depends not on the human head it’s shaped after, but the lifespan of the crystal it’s carved from. These skulls range from modern (less than 100 years old) to ancient (over 2,000 years old, dating back to Mayan times!). Crystal skulls are typically constructed from quartz, but they’re also made with other types of stones. The discovery of the famous Mitchell-Hedges clear crystal quartz skull brought crystal skulls into mainstream culture.

For some, crystal skulls inspire a feeling of tranquility. Perhaps the construction of one of the most key elements of the human form out of gemstones incites a feeling of inner peace — shaping the idea that we have the power to master our fears and manifest our desires. However, for others crystal skulls can just as easily seem bizarre or frightening. The antiquated idea that skulls signify loss is difficult to shake off, even with how popular crystal skulls have become. 

Crystal Skulls

Although it’s easy to automatically fear skulls due to their classical association with death, it’s important we observe these healing tools in a new light. Fearing death rather than accepting it compels us to live rigidly with fear of taking healthy risks and exploring the Unknown — both essential elements of spiritual ascension. Looking the beast in the eye can be somewhat terrifying, but working with crystal skulls may actually be the perfect remedy if the idea of your own mortality frightens the devil out of you. Make peace with your fears by using crystal skulls as a part of your next crystal grid formation, or meditate while holding one.

Crystal Skulls as Unique Tools for Spiritual Healing and Ascension

Crystal skulls are an excellent tool to use during meditations and energetic healing sessions that are intense in nature. I find that crystal skulls have amazing grounding properties that help us remain unafraid to face our Shadow sides while working with stones that magnetize dark energy from within, like Black Obsidian.

Extraterrestrial skulls have also recently come into the limelight. If you’re a budding Starseed or have a growing interest in connecting with your Extraterrestrial brethren out in the cosmos, using an ET skull made out of a stone like Moldavite, Kyanite or Labradorite may prove extremely helpful in assisting with ET communication. 

ET Crystal Skull

The more you work with your skull, the more you will find it easier to embrace the concepts of self-love and gratefulness for the miracle of your own existence; your intuitive abilities and self-trust will grow rapidly. Crystallographer Frank Dorland even proposed that crystal skulls have the potential to open the higher channels of the mind by mirroring the electromagnetic waves of the brain! As a result, meditating with your skull is an excellent way that you can manifest your desires and positive intentions. Here is a healing exercise to try with your skull: 

Step 1: As always, start by getting relaxed. Take a solitary walk, relax in a warm bath or unwind with ambient music. When you’re ready, head to a quiet space and begin deep breathing, starting from 20 and counting down. Continue to the next step when you’re centered.

Step 2: Hold your skull and trace its features with your fingers. Appreciate its texture and design as you stare into its eyes — a technique proven to stimulate the third eye (Pineal gland). Note how this makes you feel and what comes to mind as your psychic channel begins to open.

Step 3: Next, envision your body as a channel for the skull’s energy. Picture the center of your forehead near the Third Eye Chakra becoming an gate of white light that will accept the skull’s energy. Now, visualize the skull’s energy traveling into this gate. Feel your skull’s fuse with your body, bringing forth a sense of clarity and inner harmony.

Step 4: When you’ve connected with your skull’s energies, think about a positive change you want to make in your life, or focus on a question that you’re seeking an answer to. Envision the benefits of making this change to increase your potential to manifest it; allow your mind to absorb the skull’s expansive energy and see what images come to you. 

Step 5: Finally, use an affirmation to solidify your intentions and expand on your skull’s ability to heal your mind, body and spirit. ‘I am beautiful and lovable’ is a good example for someone who may be working with their skull to improve their self-esteem. Exit the meditation on a few deep breaths as you honor the incredible power of your skull.

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