17 Signs That You Are a Natural Healer

Generally speaking, an energy healer is a person who uses holistic approaches to assist people in becoming naturally healthy individuals they are supposed to be.

While many institutes are offering energy healing certification courses of Touch Therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, etc., there are some people who possess the traits of energy healer inherently. Such people are helping the others around them without even realizing it. If you too have been told by individuals, time and again, that it is soothing to be around you or you yourself have felt that perhaps you should try your luck in making your career as a healer, you may be an energy healer by nature. Here are some signs to analyze whether you belong to that rare society of natural energy healers.

1. People around you rarely get sick

You are always there to keep them in a healthy state. You have long ago realized the accuracy of the axiom ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and keep reminding your friends and family about it. Even if someone around you does get sick, you prefer natural and remedial ways than the typical pharmacological medicines.

2. You possess an uncanny ability to perceive patterns

You tend to find a sort of patterns in almost everything. And with patterns, I do not mean the simple pictorial sequences; it is more about finding circumstantial patterns. These episodes which other people may call ‘coincidences’ can not be that because what you experience goes beyond the literal meaning of the word.

3. You feel more connected with animals

And maybe this is why you like to spend more time with them. You must either be having a pet right now or must have a deep desire to have one. Even the pets of your acquaintances treat you like they belong to you. And perhaps this is the reason you are considering to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

4. Children are drawn towards you

You like spending some quality time with children every day. You must have observed that even the shy kids are less reluctant with you than they are with other people.

5. A long day with many social interactions drains the life out of you

Though being at occasional social gatherings does not give you nightmares, this is not something you look forward to. And it is not just social gatherings; crowded places like shopping malls, fetes and parties seem to leech the peace out of your mind too, which invariably is followed by dull headaches. You seldom feel lonely, and the only company that suits the best to you is the one of yourself.

6. You can sense the change in weather

Remember the last time you felt the day was not good for an outing even though it was perfectly clear outside, and later, a pouring rainfall ruined it for the ones who didn’t listen to you. Weather sensitivity is a rarely found sign, and if you possess it, then you probably are a natural energy healer.

7. You are what they call a ‘recipient of secrets’

You are the sage in your friend group. Your relatives are always filling you up with their grievances. Even strangers sitting beside you in metro suddenly start sharing their life regrets with you. Such is your energy or rather an aura. Though you inherently like to help people, you are so full of secrets now that you hardly ever feel curious to know the things other people would die for.

8. You are more of a listener than a speaker

People like to converse with you though more often than not, you don’t even pronounce a single syllable out of your mouth in such conversations. It could be because natural healers areinnately empathetic and do not even have to speak – their expressions and positive energy themselves are adequate enough to set people around them at ease.

9. You tend to help other people even if that is bad for you

This tendency is perhaps the reason behind the greatest regrets of your life. Still, you can not think of an alternate way of doing things even in a retrospect. Any person close to you knows about it, and the ones who really care have told you, time and again, not to put others’ needs ahead of your own.

10. Your interests and hobbies differ a lot from those of your friends

When your friends plan late night beach parties, you are always among the few ones who have some pre-engagements. Your habitual dissenting attitude towards bash activities excluded you from the regular banter of your friend group long ago, and you are not in the least affected by this change, if not in a good way. Your typical pastimes include reading, hiking, and maybe spiritual practices like yoga and meditation.

11. Your dreams and nightmares tend to be unnaturally vivid

 And not only that, you have certain mysterious recurring dreams that are more vivid than others. Moreover, it is found among many natural healers to have a few dreams where they float in the air. Some experts are of the opinion that such floating dreams are supposedly a wake-up call from your spiritual being.

12. You have gone through (or are going through) a severe emotional situation

It could be anything from craggy relationships to negative work or school environment, but most often the reason is the loss of someone or something close to your being. It is usually after such an incidental episode you might have experienced a curious change in your way of thinking, and perhaps this is also the reason why you are so empathetic to others.

13. You know how to cheer someone up

Your innate desire to help people and spread happiness makes you almost creative when it comes to buoy someone. Your sharp instinct also comes to your aid in such situations.

14. You are unintentionally health-conscious

Most of the natural healers are cognizant of others as well as their health. And maybe this is why most of them are naturally fit; naturally because they are never found fretting over fitness issues. If you are a natural energy healer, then undoubtedly your tastes are very simple. Most of the people with such traits are inclined towards vegetarian and organic diet.

15. You have always felt that you do not quite belong anywhere

If you have not yet joined any energy healing course or job, then you must have felt time and again that maybe you don’t belong to any place. No social gathering, vacation or the job you are passionate about have yet made you feel attached. And you know in your heart that you would never feel complete until you are in the proper place.

16. Drugs always affect you differently or not at all

Now, this is something proven scientifically. Drugs (even the medicinal ones) do not affect you the way they affect other people. And even if they do (rarely so), their effects are either too weak or too divergent. On the other hand, the herbs that do not seem to influence people at all have a considerable effect on you.

17. Sometimes you experience peculiar sensations

The effect of these sensations leaves you with the emotions ranging from fear to embarrassment. Sudden drop in blood pressure, tingling in your palms, inexplicable light-headed feeling, and disconcerting twitching, etc. are the most common sensations felt by the natural healers of all degrees.

If you can relate to more than eleven of the above-mentioned signs of being a natural energy healer, then indeed it is time to consider your career options. You may even enroll yourself in some institute offering varied energy healing courses, in order to receive proper guidance and start living the life to serve the purpose you were born for.

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