This Image Test Will Reveal Your True Purpose In Life

Every picture tells a story—or several stories. When you perceive an image, you become one of its many story-tellers. The story may be about what plagues or beautifies society, the state of the world at large, one or several personal experiences, or even what you know about the art process itself.

How you react to an image can tell you a lot about you, including your life’s purpose.

Art speaks to us because it’s about us. It’s about our collective and individual journeys in this wondrous, immeasurable universe. As Chuck Klosterman said, “Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”

Images stir up numerous emotions in the beholder: awe, shock, sorrow, rage, and even repulsion. You may feel an intense, nameable emotion within seconds of seeing an image, or it could take several minutes of staring at the image before you can decide what it means to you. And as art is as diverse as the people who create and perceive it, the responses to it naturally vary. Art can play a crucial role in self-discovery and an individual’s purpose in life.

Take this image test below to decipher what your life’s true purpose is.

Source: David Wolfe



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