QUIZ: What Type of Spirit Do You Attract?

By Daily Occupation

Do you have an angel who guards you? Or do you need to keep an eye on yourself? Find out by scrolling down and taking the quiz at the end of this article…

Here are some of the most common answers:

Messenger: Message Bearer Guides help us in our ability to receive and convey messages from the spiritual world. They also help us in getting information. They help in passing on our messages to others.

You need somebody to help you put your thoughts at the forefront. You can become a good politician activist. You can bring on a change in this world, with the help of this spirit.

Protector: Protector guides are powerful in nature and usually have equally huge bodies to match. These guides are of native background, to where you reside.

While most of them are humans, at times they are large creatures like elephants or tigers. They are sent to keep away negative energies from you. They provide you with strength and courage.

Gatekeeper: Gatekeepers are spirit guides that stay with you and help you get through the world. They don’t save you from each and everything but they make sure that the doors that are opened by you don’t have any harm lurking behind them. They also keep an eye on you when you close these doors.

The spirit helps you to move ahead, without any back stabbing by anyone.

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