The Unified Field: How We Change the World [VIDEO]

I hope that we all at one time in our lives have said out loud (or at least to ourselves) that we’d love to change the world; to really make a difference and leave our mark. Who doesn’t want to find their unique gifts and share them with the world so that our presence echoes on future generations for the rest of eternity? Whoo!!!…now, some might say that’s a little egoic and reaching, but we ARE eternal beings! And how does one grow but to stretch out and reach high and expand?

Now, even if you’ve never once thought such a thing, what remains is the fact that we are all born with unique gifts to share and an individual energy signature that is completely our own. It is shaped and formed by choices, emotions, feelings, joys and traumas from past experiences across all lives in all time and space. The frequency our signature resonates at translates into what some would call our “level of conscious awareness”. It is another way of saying how much experience you have had as a physical incarnation here on Earth and how much you’ve applied what you have learned from your experiences collectively.

By choosing to be born human, we also are gifted with the ability to be innately connected to every other human being via a cosmic thread of life-force energy. This energy is what we draw empathy from and it comes directly from the Heart Space. When you are in true alignment with the Universe, you are also aligned with this energy as the Universe IS this energy. For some, it is very difficult to connect with this energy even though it is our natural state (resonance of peace). When we are feeling like we are not enough or have very low self-esteem, then we have misaligned from the path the Universe has set, and this will manifest itself in all areas of our lives if we do nothing.

But what if we DO do something? What if we do make a conscious effort to put a positive light into the world? What difference does it truly make in our own lives and in the lives of others? Perhaps you’ve heard of the theory of a unified field of consciousness?

John Hagelin, PhD takes us through the following video, “Is Consciousness the Unified Field?”

Over the past few years there have been numerous studies done on how mass group meditation works to reduce local crime rates and the results have been astounding! For more information, check out these links:

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Embracing Your Human-ness…

  • Have you ever held the door for an elderly person and saw the gratitude in their eyes and your heart just swelled?
  • Have you ever seen someone struggle to carry something and ran over to help, expecting nothing in return?
  • Have you ever stopped to offer a meal to someone less fortunate?

If you have done any of these things or ANY other thing that comes from your heart with the pure intention of serving another human spirit in kindness, then you know what that feeling and connection feels like. THAT is our giving space AND our receiving space! Yes, I know it sounds odd, but the more we connect with that energy and give freely with no agenda other than to assist, that space opens up wide for YOU to be divinely assisted. This is not woo-woo, this is universal law. <3

There’s a hidden lesson here and it’s the one we always hear in the spiritual community that tells us to “Go Within”. This is THE ULTIMATE, max supreme, cherry on top, “giving to yourself” that there is! You cannot possibly give anything better, ever to yourself because by going within, you are opening up the cosmic door to the library containing the knowledge you’ve been seeking your entire life. For everything and everyone outside of yourself to whom you sought refuge and answers, you will know immediately that those answers were there within you all along.

Why is this so important? Because the more people that find their own answers, the more people in the world who are at peace. The more of us at peace within ourselves, then and only then will the world also know peace. THIS is how we change the world. One healed heart at a time. <3

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