Proof That Our Thoughts Create Reality

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world”.

These are the words of the Buddha spoken over 2,500 years ago. What this statement declares is the idea that our consciousness creates our reality.

Take some time to think about this, because the implications are staggering. This understanding concerning the nature of consciousness fully empowers us to essentially be able to accomplish anything and everything. Our very health and well-being are largely in our hands when we realize this tremendous power is at our disposal during every moment of our existence.

How Our Thoughts Affect Water

Water is the most common and arguably most mysterious substance on planet Earth. This substance is so incredible that we as humans through directed thoughts, can literally change the composition of water molecules themselves.

No, that was not a typo. To explain such a bold statement, consider the following:

You experience and project positive emotions such as love, happiness, and joy and water will literally change in its crystalline structure and become a much more healing and beneficial substance for your being and for the environment in general. This fascinating discovery was easily replicated and documented in great depth by Dr. Masaru Emoto and written about in his books. Since he’s done these experiments, countless others have as well on their own.

The human body is mainly comprised of water and so imagine how much of an impact you have on your own body’s well-being, simply by the way you think. Even thinking negatively about someone has a negative effect on your being in ways you may not have thought were possible before.

Dr. Emoto showed that human energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music all affect the molecular structure of water; the very same water that comprises on average about 70% of a mature human body and covers our planet in roughly the same amount. Water is a primary source of life on our planet and so it should come as no surprise that it has such an intimate relationship with ourselves. Water can change on a molecular level, in response to external stimuli such as positive thoughts. The various forms of energy that exist in the environment of water will directly impact the molecular form of it and as a result, that very same water will be evidence to what the environment was like, in that very moment in time.

masaru emoto water experiment

In Dr. Emoto’s books, there are many photographs showing before and after shots of water in its crystalline form. His groundbreaking research demonstrates the ability for thought on a subtle energy level to be replicated on a lower and more physical energy level.

It should not come as a surprise that our consciousness has such a direct impact on reality. We are one with our environment and likewise, it is one with us. The reality of oneness has been difficult to see for many in recent times, largely because of the acceptance of a rise in the strength of the ego over the self. An empowered ego makes someone believe that he or she is separate from his or her environment. It also believes that nature is something to be conquered. There is no collective ‘we’ but an individualistic ‘me’ that is thought to exist. The opposite of this is now known to be true and research such as Dr. Emoto’s studies of water show this to be the case.

How Anger Affects Our Physical Health

Our state of mind affects our health and well-being in more ways than we may think. For instance, the energetic emotion of rage can make a person physically ill. Whether it manifests in road rage, war, domestic abuse, or some other form, it is a much more common occurrence than one may think and has serious consequences for the person projecting such negative energy.

Recently labeled as intermittent explosive disorder, this reaction with rage and anger towards someone or something has been discovered in a 2006 study to affect as many as 1 in 14 adults in the US. As a result of projecting such negative emotions, these people were found to actually become physically sick. This makes it all the more pertinent to stop ourselves in our tracks once negativity enters our minds.

How Our Thoughts Affect Our DNA

The feelings we experience every day, which we also project onto others and the rest of the world, can affect the very structure of our DNA. Research done at the Institute of Heart Math has demonstrated that when feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation are felt, DNA relaxes itself and unwinds to become longer. Conversely, when feelings of anger, frustration, stress, or fear are experienced, DNA tightens itself and becomes shorter. Some DNA codes even shut down during such negative emotional states.

How Our Thoughts Affect Our Recovery From Illnesses

The good news is that these detrimental effects can be reversed by feeling the positive emotional states. The positive feelings created through the mind power of thought, impact us in such direct and intense ways that sometimes even those of us that understand these mechanisms quite well are still astounded by the power.

An example of this is the case in which the Heart Math Institute found that when experiencing feelings of love, joy, and gratitude, HIV positive individuals had a measurable improvement in their health – their immune system was found to have a colossal 300,000 times the amount of resistance than they had prior to those states of consciousness. This is such a grand impact that it is almost impossible to envision.

Using the power of our thoughts, we are able to help with the healing process of whatever we may be suffering from, or simply raise our level of consciousness towards the enlightenment of the Self. Being able to shape our own DNA is a powerful ability that also owes its thanks to the reality of the interconnected nature of things in this infinite reality.

We Have Reality-Creation Power Within Us

Each one of us has the power to create a reality of our choosing, through our thoughts and states of consciousness. In fact, each one of us does this on a daily basis. Nobody should feel that they are somehow not in control of their lives in this way. We must not be so quick to blame an external factor for our emotional state. The power to respond either negatively or positively to any situation is completely within each of us.

If there is negative energy being projected towards us, the projection of negative energy as a response in retaliation, is our choosing. It is not a requirement to fight fire with fire, yet many people take this very action. We can choose to respond in a different way, such as by taking a calm and firm but peaceful stance.

An energetic frequency that is the same or lower than another cannot have a positive transformative outcome. If the frequency of love is projected at someone projecting a frequency of fear, that fear may disappear. The frequency has just been raised to a more positive emotional level. Prior to having dissolution of fear and being able to attain states of love, joy, and happiness, we may feel it is a natural instinct to react to an emotional response with the same or similar emotions with feelings of rage, indignation or retaliation.

Someone may say that “it’s who I am” and that he or she is unable to change this fact of life. However, the real fact is that it is not who you are. It is who you think you are and how your ego wishes you stay. If we were always to stay the way we are, there would never be any growth. You should avoid such a defeatist attitude, since the transcendence in levels of consciousness will never be possible otherwise.

When we project a thought through language, the effect on us is just as strong as it is through nonverbal communication of feelings on a subtle level. This is why methods such as affirmations and hypnosis are sometimes able to produce positive results.

Sages in ages past have understood this aspect of our reality. They knew that the body and its mind can be guided and directed a certain way by language as well as thoughts. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated this in replicable scientific studies where thought forms from the meaning of written words on labeled jars of water, were able to crystallise in the structure of water crystals.

The Placebo Effect is Reality Creation in Action

placebo effect example

The incredible power of thought and our consciousness is at our very disposal all the time. In a classic demonstration of thoughts creating reality, the so-called “placebo effect” can be examined. By definition, this is when a substance is inert or innocuous and used in controlled experiments in order to test the effectiveness of another substance. A sugar pill is one example of a placebo.

The previous short-sighted understanding of placebos was that they do not work. Although the substance being used as a placebo itself may be inert and not bring about some sort of change in the subject, there is more at work in this situation. The mind of the subject has a stronger effect on the person that anyone ever thought was possible previously. This is thanks to new research into the wondrous results that dubbed the experience the “placebo effect”, and now sometimes called the “placebo response.” Research into this matter has shown that not only do placebos work in benefit or detriment to the individual, but that placebos seem to be manifesting an even stronger effect than in times past. You can muse on your own as to why this is happening right now in this Time of Transition.

The ability of consciousness to be as effective as an external agent that is used or made for a specific purpose is quite incredible. By simply diverting energy from our being towards a belief in a particular outcome, someone can affect themselves both physically and psychologically in dramatic ways. Like many things in a physical dualistic reality, it can be beneficial or detrimental. The power lies within each person. If it is used for a beneficial
purpose, the effect will be a wonderful one. If it is used towards a malevolent purpose, the effect will not be particularly enjoyable. With this understanding, we can alter the result from something negative or neutral, to something positive and helpful.

How to Alter Outcomes in Life

There are many ways to alter a response to a stimuli that would normally receive an angry or hostile response from us. One such method is to simply avoid situations where one may be provoked in a negative manner. Avoidance is not necessarily the ideal response, since it inhibits our ability to use such difficult situations for self-growth, but it does offer an easier way out.

There is also a problem with avoidance in that it may not always be so simple as to avoid such situations altogether. There may be times when we have no choice but to stay in a situation that will provoke an angry response. A much more beneficial response to a situation which may manifest negative reactions from us is to minimize the ego’s influence over the self. What this means specifically is that we should not take something someone says or does personally, as in taking offense for something.

There may be a wide variety of reasons why a person did or said something. The ego is the primary reason why we feel offended or hurt to the point that we will react to such action in a negative way. Looking at the situation from a shifted position of awareness will help deflect any projections towards the easily-offended ego and enlighten us as to the reasons why such perceived hostility was projected towards us.

Tools to Minimize the Ego’s Influence

It is completely understandable that minimizing the ego’s influence over our actions and reactions is not something that can be done overnight. Since this is the case, it would be helpful to provide several simple tools that can be utilized in an uncomfortably-negative situation that will hinder our ego from taking action in a negative manner.

Just Breathe…

bearded man meditating in mountainsOne tool to use is breathing. Deep breathing is incredibly beneficial in many ways, one of them being the lowering of the feeling of anger or some other negative emotion.

  • Breathe in and out deeply for one minute
  • Hold your breath for four seconds
  • Breathe out

This method will bring about inner peace and you will have much less of a desire to respond to a situation negatively. Try this out for yourself and see the results of this simple, yet powerful, technique.

Thought is Creative Energy

Thought is creative energy that is focused towards a particular aspect of reality. You receive what you give. If a thought of hatred is projected, a person should expect to find
that hatred is reciprocated. The same frequency of action is reproduced in order to be in tune with the original frequency, in order to create harmony, through balance. It is much more beneficial if positive thoughts are projected, so that positivity is received back. It requires much less effort than the alternative, so there should be little reason to express negativity in this way.

The state of our planetary home is the way it is because of the collective thought forms being projected and manifested into reality. If the thoughts of greed, desire, and pride were not among the thoughts of the global consciousness, the planet would be in a much better state than it currently is. In order for the current situation to change for the better, a change would have to occur whereby only unifying and positive thoughts would be within the sea of consciousness.

There is an old saying that warns us to be careful what we wish for. This is an accurate portrayal of the reality of thoughts being powerful projections of energy. All thoughts and forms of thought, such as words, are creative in their very nature. A person should always remember to guard his or her thoughts and be wary of what thoughts manifest within
their mind.

The thoughts, words, and actions that you have or experience on a daily basis will ultimately return to you. Projecting positive and selective thought forms will ensure a
wonderfully appealing reality for everyone, thanks to the nature of oneness.

Use Negative Thoughts as Catalysts for Positive Change

It is to be hoped that the manifestation of positive thoughts occurs more often than negative thoughts. This allows evolution to occur instead of either stagnancy (positive and negative being equal) or degeneration (negative superseding positive). While understanding this, it is nearly-certain that everyone will encounter negative thoughts being conjured up within the depths of the minds.

These negative thoughts and emotions can thankfully be used in a way that is beneficial to our progressive self-growth. In order to make the best use of them, try the following:

  • Learn to notice when negative thoughts start coming up.
  • Once you have noticed them, remind yourself that all thoughts are creative.
  • Ask yourself if you would truly wish for the negative thought to become creative.

Although conscious rightful thinking is not the simplest of tasks, it is an impulse that can be learned, patterned, and imprinted. By noticing any negative thought forms as they are coming into being within your mind, you can learn to choose whether you give this negative thought the ability to create after manifesting it. If the thought is denied manifestation, a more positive thought can be realized and selected to be a replacement for the negative thought.

Doing this will transform a possible negative conception into an actualized positive creation. Having the power to create, our thoughts also have the power to change and transform the world. The more positive thoughts that are manifested and projected, the more positive the state of the world becomes.

How Thoughts Affect Pain

thoughts affect pain

Consider a University of Montreal study where it was discovered that depending on whether someone is experiencing positive or negative emotions, pain will be magnified to either the positive or negative end of the feelings spectrum.

The study revolved around giving minor electric shocks to individuals while these subjects were shown some images which were chosen selectively in order to convey a pleasant, neutral, or unpleasant emotional reaction. The MRI scans of the individuals showed that when they were shown a pleasant image, the electric shocks hurt less; when they were shown a neutral image, the shocks were approximately the same degree of pain; when they were shown an unpleasant image, the shocks hurt more.

What this interesting study can demonstrate to the individual who is interested in thoughts shaping reality, is that if something is on our mind that is producing a negative emotional reaction, then such a thought-pattern will be detrimental to our health more so than if that person was thinking or doing something that is either neutral or positive in nature.

If thought forms are of a positive kind, then you will experience a direct and definite benefit. People who emanate positive thoughts are radiating very strong energy into their daily lives. This then radiates out into their immediate field of influence, and ultimately, into the collective consciousness of humanity.

Positive thoughts are able to produce stronger imprints on the global consciousness than
negative thoughts. It takes a whole lot of negative thoughts to overcome just one strong positive thought. Just like it takes more energy to frown than smile, positive thoughts take less energy to manifest and also take less to facilitate social transformation. It should be no contest for us to decide between the two which type of thought forms we choose to manifest.

When we spend time around people who seem to radiate with positivity, we will begin to feel the effects of those thoughts within us and around ourselves. An aura of good cheer can come about without a person seeing any cause to such a feeling. Thanks to the shifted consciousness of someone in their sphere of influence, that person will feel the positivity personally and directly. This is interconnectedness in action.

This has been experienced by everyone during at least one point in their lifetime or another. When around people who are happy and positive, we also feel happier and more positive, even if it is quite subtle. Once we come into an interaction with a person who is melancholy and negative, it can bring us down too, since the experience is a more negative one. If someone is naturally more felicitous, he or she will feel a disharmony when they are
around those who project negative thoughts. They sense a mismatching of vibrations.

We all feel more comfortable when we are around those who are calibrating at the same level as we are. Like attracts like and we will attract those who are similar to us, as a result. Depending on what your state of consciousness is at a given moment, you will gravitate towards the same calibration of consciousness, since it is the most resonant with their own. If we make it an unconscious habit to always create positive thoughts and actions, then thoughts of a similar wavelength will be attracted to us.

Interconnectivity is a beautiful thing and produces pleasing situations, when used in the formation and projection of positive thought forms. Why not benefit from it in the fullest way possible?

We hold the keys to our own destiny. Whether we acknowledge this reality consciously or have it occur unconsciously, the power is in our hands. Each of us has the power to react in either a positive or negative way to something. Whether or not we react in either manner is based on how we wish to react. There is free will within every person. This is not something that can be taken away from anyone. What is created, is a reflection of the thought-patterns that manifested the creation. We reap what we sow.

This has been an excerpt from The Creation of a Consciousness Shift by Paul Lenda. Grab the PDF eBook version here

creation of a consciousness shiftHumanity is at a crossroads, where it has to decide whether it wishes to live in a bright future or a dystopian dark age. By making a decision one way or the other, humanity is creating its reality. Through the power of consciousness, humanity has the ability to create a global and transpersonal shift in consciousness to a much higher level.

This book demonstrates that such a wide-reaching shift is possible through the realization that everything and everyone is interconnected. This book is one of the first of its kind to put forth scientific evidence to support its transcendental self-growth message.

By giving the reader the knowledge and tools necessary for the creation of a consciousness shift, the collective consciousness can be affected in such a way that each individual can help in creating a massive global consciousness shift. Several tools, methods, and guidelines are provided to help bring about such a monumental change. It is the author’s intent to stir up a spirit of action and change in respect to altering one’s modality of thought and perception of reality.


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