A Poor Man Asked The Buddha “Why Am I So Poor?” This Was His Answer…

A story has been circulating the internet accredited to the Buddha in which a poor man asks why he is in his situation. The allegorical story was answered in the typical Buddhist way and unfolded as follows.

A poor man asked Buddha ” Why am I so poor ?”

Buddha: “You are not giving enough”

Poor Man: “But I have nothing to give”

Buddha: “You have at least 5 things to give”

  • Your Face: You can smile. Be joyful, cheerful and happy…
  • Your Mouth: You can speak words of kindness, encourage people, and give comfort…
  • Your Heart: You can open your heart to others, be sincere, truthful and kind…
  • Your Eyes: You can look to others with kindness and compassion…
  • You Body: You can use your own labor to help others.”

“See…. You are not poor at all. Poverty lives in our heart”

Sometimes it feels as if the situation we find ourselves in is the obstacle, but often the true obstacle is the one we place in front of ourselves. Stories like this may seem cliche and often circumstances can affect our lives in ways which are out of our control, however, it is always our reaction that dictates how preceding events unfold.

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