Erase the Bad Karma – 7 Karmic Laws That Can Transform Your Life

Our lives can be seen as a box- when we do good, we fill the box with good things and vice versa, when we do something bad, fill it with  bad things. Throughout our life we randomly pull something out of that box. The more good things we do, the more likely it is to pull something good out of the box.
This is not a conscious choice, and everything is left to chance. This means that doing good deeds will not  always be rewarded, and doing bad deeds will not always be punished. There is something much more significant and important. This is how you will live your whole life.

7 karmic laws, which have the power to transform your life:

1. If you want something to happen in your life, you should act actively to achieve it

This is something that everyone forgets at some stage of life, but it is true. We can not always hope that things will just happen as we want, without the necessary effort. We can not allow ourselves to rely on it.

2. We should be able to control ourselves

At the end of the day, the only thing  that we have control is  ourselves. We can not control what others do , but bear full responsibility for our own actions.

3. Our life is our own creation

Because the only thing we can control is ourselves, the life we live is our own creation. We decide which direction to take and control our own destiny.

4. The story will repeat itself until it is learned

One of the great rules of karma is that until we learn the lesson, we will continue to make the same mistakes. The story will repeat until you learn something. This is true both for nations and for individuals.

5. The things that happen to us have value only when we have worked to achieve them

The true value of things does not come from how much we have spent on them, but of how assiduously we worked to get them.

6. The biggest personal victories are those, that are beneficial to all

If you get rich this is good for you, but the greatest victories are those that benefit everyone, not just the individual. Dedication to society brings great positive karmic influence, which in turn provides a tremendous support.


This is the most important universal law of all. The energy of happiness is very powerful and can erase  the bad karma.
The karma can be cleaned- most of the people don’t know about this. Meditation, visualization and chakra cleaning, can clean the bad karma.
Source: Gostica



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