Connect to Your Sound- The Healing Power of Your Voice

It is no secret that music and sound is part of our every day life and that it is a very integral part of healing and relaxing in general.  It is also becoming a very big part of scientific research on how sound or music can heal the mind and body on a cellular level.

The chakras resonate with certain notes, the brain is stimulated with classical music, molecules reverberate to certain frequencies, and let us not forget to mention the fantastic Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto who showed us what music does to water. As our cellular structure is primarily made up of water this was an extraordinary and wonderful representation of how music or sound changes our makeup.

Masaru Emoto

This information for many of us, is not news.  We have known this intrinsically for many many years.  Music or sound is a frequency.  As we are beings made up of energy, sound is just one frequency that we can access via very easily for health, healing and change.

Sound is a perfect medium for our bodies to absorb and enjoy currently of our transition or evolution. It is a simple easy medium of healing we can access.


Sound comes to us in many ways.  One of the most powerful and unique tools we have is the sound of our voice. Unique to you, our voice, the tone, the sound of our voice can create that change within the cells. Just like our bodies, faces, fingerprints and teeth, our voices are all different.  The tone, the reverberation, the intonations, the sound. We all have unique voices.  We all have a unique sound.

So, if we have a unique sound or frequency that aligns with our body mind and spirit, do you feel this too may be a key to our own healing and access to our own power of health?


My purpose for this piece is to remind you that the sound of your voice, the tone of you is very particular and very important.  The sound of you is part of your healing and health power.  By using your voice with the intention of healing self, is a very powerful thing to do.

We all resonate at our own frequency.  We all have the sound of our healing within our tones.  Learning to access your healing tones from within is a simple process and something you can do every day if you choose.  There are many ways to access your healing power of your tone or your sound and below are a few ways to connect.

Singing with music – To sing with your voice with a song you love is a great way to lift your vibration.  Lifting your vibration is about lifting your state of wellbeing.

Singing with no music – To sing with no music and just belt out a song you love in the car or at home with your sound alone is also very powerful.  This has no other frequency but your own playing and singing for you and your body.

Engaging your Voice with Breath – This is simple exercise to do and is just the pure act of breathing in and then sounding your voice on the breath out. Allowing the natural sound to be expressed.  You can play with this and hold onto the sound at the end of your breath.  Or you can start on a high note and allow it to drop as you release your breath. (See Video below)

Humming– Again very simple sound that you make with your voice.  This is a beautiful gentle way to engage your sound and tone with the healing of your body.  It is a gentle internal sound that sits within you.  A hum to your favourite song, or a free hum, it is a very peaceful way to help with a calm and internal massage for self.

Sing Song Words – Like affirmations you can gently put sound to affirmations, words or sentences to lift the vibration and allow the tone to work with your system also.

The purpose of your voice or sound is to shift and lift the frequency, to shift and lift the vibe of your body, which lifts the vibe of your cells, which produces new cells in a higher vibe format.  It is also a tool to help release blocked sound, like singing loudly or yelling angrily to get it out and to allow light in. (simple explanation)

This all sounds very simple.  And that is the point.  It is meant to be simple.  We have the tools within us to help us and this is just one of the ways we can access our truth and pure potential.  You may even enjoy your own way of using your voice.

To be honest, whatever it is you do with your sound, your tone, your voice, will affect your body, mind, emotional and energic system.  With words, song, whistles, hums, or screams, is allowing you to connect to your frequency, your vibe, your health and healing.

Our voice can help us release and let go of shit we no longer need or help heal us internally with gentle sounds of love.

Regardless how you choose to work with your voice, tone or sound, know it is a very powerful tool in your life.  It is part of our connection to creator.  It is part of our connection to self.  Recognise the voice within by connecting to the sound of your voice intentionally.  With love and with a knowing that you are unique and beautiful.

Connect with your Sound Exercise

In La La La La Light!

Angie xx

*Please remember that you are the wisdom and the wise one and all the information I present is for your own discernment if it resonates with you or not.

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A writer, messenger, wellness advocate, channeler and spiritual leader, Angelina’s journey has taken her to a point where she is now working on a public platform as a speaker in seminars and events around the world, in relation to health, wellness and the evolution into the New Earth. “We are light.”

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