The Animal You See First In This Picture, Reveals The Essence Of Your Soul

Despite living in big, busy cities, humans are instinctively drawn to nature and animals, and each of us is drawn by some animals more than by others.

 Look at the pictures below. Which animal do you see first? Your subconscious does this for you, and it picks the animal your like most! And the animal you like most reveals pieces of your soul that speak volumes about you:

1. The dove is associated with peace, hope and connection. You possess a pure soul and see the good in everything and everyone. You inspire hope in others, and you don’t care much about material things. You also have a connection with the spiritual world.

2. Butterflies symbolize beauty and pleasure. You realize life is short, and you make the most of it. You hate planning and being bored, and you’re certain that the world is a big meadow with flowers created just for you. You have a soul so beautiful, people are bewildered!

3. The eagle is a free spirit and an adventure seeker. You fly high above the rest, and you know you deserve it. You’re proud and stern, and can see thing others cannot. You don’t like being restrained, and your independence is what attracts others. You own a very noble and gracious soul.

4. A dog represents loyalty and family. You’re selfless to those you love, and you appreciate them and their happiness more than anything in the world. You’re very reliable and outgoing, and you make people feel safe around you. You have a bright and loving soul that shines through, and is very connected to the souls around you.

5. Wolfs are lone animals. They symbolize loneliness even though they live in packs. If you saw the wolf first, it means that you prefer to have a smaller social circle. You’re very picky when it comes to friends, because you value yourself and your time the most. Your soul is wise, calm and tender, and it needs to be protected.

6. The praying mantis is a sacred animal in many cultures. If you saw it first, you’re a loner and you enjoy it. You prefer learning to socializing, and find small talks unbearable. But, your scarce social interactions don’t indicate that you’re bad at them. You’re intelligent and calculated, and very manipulative if needed.

Source: Daily Occupation



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