Four Common Psychic Intuitions: Which One is Strongest In You?

All of us possess some level of psychic ability, whether we’re aware of it or not.  Maybe you’ve noticed that you have a subtle way of picking up on things before they happen or you’re a master at figuring out people’s true motives, or maybe you’re just really good at knowing when not to do something.

These are all signs that your psychic ability is in good health.

They are: clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and claircognizance (knowing).

You’re probably gifted in all of these areas, but there is likely just one that is your strongest and most proficient.

Clairsentience and claircognizance tend to be the most heightened among people, but you can try these exercises to figure exactly which one you exhibit most:

To test your ‘clairvoyance’

Close your eyes and try to picture how your body appears as it is now.  For example, I’m sitting on my couch.  I’d try to think to think about as much detail as I could about how I exist right now.

Am I sitting down?  What kind of clothes do I have on?  Do I look happy, sad or indifferent?  The more crystal clear you can make this picture of yourself, the more clairvoyant you are said to be.

To test your ‘clairaudience’

Close your eyes again, but this time focus solely on all of the different noises and sounds that fill the air around you.  Then, slowly work to eliminate each sound from your head until you find the silence that lies underneath all of the sound.

Once you’ve found this low, universal vibration, listen to your heart beating and the sound of your lungs working.  This can take days to achieve, but if you can, then you are likely clairaudient.

To test ‘clairsentience’

This test requires that you take a photograph of a person that you do not personally know, but whom someone close to you knows.  Practice analyzing all of the different feelings and emotions you get when you look at the picture of this person.

Do you feel like you can trust them?  What kind of person do you think they are?  Good or bad, write down your thoughts and then discuss them with your friend.

If you find that your predictions or thoughts about the person were accurate or significant, you are probably clairsentient.

To test ‘claircognizance’

This exercise requires you to look inward, asking for guidance and direction from your higher being.  Once you’ve asked for this guidance, start by writing down a question onto the piece of paper.

Then start jotting down whatever thoughts begin flowing through your mind.  Simply write down the words as they come to you; try not to think about what the words or thoughts mean, simply let your thoughts flow and write them down as they come.

If you remain consistent with this exercise, your claircognizant ability will eventually become quite prominent, and if you begin to receive messages that are specific or that seem important to you at that time, then you’re likely very claircognizant.

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Source: Expanded Consciousness



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