5 Things Only Overthinkers Will Understand

Being one of the lucky people who overthinks practically everything can be both a blessing and a curse.  And there are dozens of us!  Okay, there are probably more like millions of people in the world who tend to overthink things.  And you might be one of us if you understand these five things:


  1. When we’re sorry, we’re really sorry – *We’re not ones to enjoy hurting other people’s feelings.  If we get in a fight with a friend or loved one, we’ll eventually break down the fight into each and every little detail so as to understand the battle from both sides.  We’re sorry and we hope you accept the apology, because we won’t forget about it anytime soon.
  2. We’re not as insecure and controlling as we come off – *We understand that you’ve got your own life and you’re probably out doing things that don’t allow you to be using your phone 24/7, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t fantasize about the million other possibilities of what you’re doing.  You could be cheating on us, or fighting for your life in an alleyway, we have no idea.
  3. We’re indecisive – *Trying to figure out the perfect thing to say or write or post can be the hardest thing for us.  We will write something perfect, then re-write it, and then re-write it, simply because we keep finding things wrong with what we’re trying to say.
  4. We enjoy getting out of our heads – *Finding a person who can drag us out of our heads even for a short time is a special thing for us.  Constant introspection and analysis can drive one mad (which says a lot about why we are the way we are).  If you can do this, we thank you.
  5. We can be a lot of fun at parties – *Letting go and partying from time to time is right up our alley, so long as it’s stimulating.  Living in the moment is a lot of fun until we wake up the next morning, head throbbing and stomach churning.  Then we’re back at it, trying to recollect what stupid thing we said to someone we were trying to impress last night.

Source: Expanded Consciousness




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