5 Things Introverts Do Better Than Anyone Else

Do you have any introverted friends? Maybe you’re an introvert yourself. Me? I somehow fall in between introverted and extroverted. According to some, introverts make up about half of the population, even though much of society glamorizes a highly extroverted lifestyle. The extroverts are usually handling things on the front lines, while the introverts make sure things go smoothly from a comfortable place hidden away from everyone else.

Introverts often get mistaken as rude, crass or loners, but they just operate differently than your average person. But this isn’t a bad thing, as there are a lot of things introverts are just better at than others.

Here are five things that introverts are the absolute best at:

They listen and comprehend better than anyone

Introverts are some of the best people you can talk to when you want someone to listen to you (granted you have talk about things that the introvert cares about). Rather than simply hearing what you have to say, they enjoy getting a deep understanding of your story, so they ask questions and seek out the level that you’re on.

Plus, they’re not keen on talking just to hear themselves talk. They’ll listen until they have something of value to add.

They’re very attuned to their feelings

As naturally intuitive and aware people, introverts are very in tune with what their body is telling them, as well as which emotions they’re experiencing and why. When they bail on plans or don’t feel like being social, they don’t really feel bad about it because that’s how they feel, and they’re not about to apologize for their feelings.

Being their own company

As many people know, introverts like to spend much of their time alone. Introverts are great at being alone, it’s when they thrive. Thus, the relationship they maintain with themselves is deep and important. They might not always feel self-confident, but they know how to treat themselves with respect.

Recognize the emotions and feelings of others

Just as introverts are highly attuned to their own being, they’re shockingly good at being able to read others. They have an uncanny ability to simply look at a person and know exactly how they’re feeling. Their levels of empathy or second to none.

Solving problems by looking inward

When introverts are struggling with life, they know that oftentimes the only place they will find answers is deep within their being. This is a wisdom that they’ve gained through years of relying on themselves to overcome obstacles and challenges. They’re the best at letting their hearts guide their actions.

Source: Expanded Consciousness



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