Detoxing for Higher Consciousness: Mentally, Emotionally & Physically

A crucial ingredient to the spiritual path, is the importance of detoxing, in order to cleanse internally and open your consciousness so as to allow higher self to infuse more fully. Detoxing is going to make you feel more light, expanded and connected – it feels like coming alive again.

It’s vitally important to detox mentally, emotionally and physically

Detoxing is an extremely involved practice, requiring careful exploration and application. Here is an overview of some general considerations…

Mental Detox:

If you’re not already meditating, or doing it infrequently, meditation needs to become a daily part of our activity. Even if it’s challenging to sit in stillness, build up gradually and slowly. Set an alarm for 5minutes and build up until you can sit for 30 minutes without difficulty – which could take a while. Use breath so soften and relax. Don’t feel you have to intentionally still the mind. Rather focus on the feelings throughout the body and the mind will still over time. So the mind begins to detox. Once you can do this, then try shorter periods of time spread throughout the day. If you don’t already have a practice you’re happy with, you could try this Breakthrough Breathing meditation 3 to 4 times daily for 5 minutes (once you know the practice)…  Besides meditation, it’s vitally important to be careful what you subject your mind to, because it’s rather like a sponge. Best not to fill it with junk soap opera vibes from the TV or other news media! So besides meditation, find alternative ways to spend your time – creatively for example through the arts and music. Take up a new creative hobby such as painting or playing a musical instrument.

Emotional Detox:

The emotional body will very likely store stress from anxious feelings often caused in relationship – where situations are not always harmonious, either in ones family or at work, or just generally living in society. This is going to be especially so if you’re highly sensitive or empathic. If you don’t cleanse the emotional body, you’ll likely start to ‘boil over’ fairly frequently or break down in day-to-day circumstances. Another symptom is the need to comfort eat so as to dampen the emotional feelings of stress or anxiety. The emotional body can be detoxed in a number of ways: (1) taking time out to fully express the emotion by crying or shouting or emotive dancing to music; (2) grounding the emotions and dissipating them through nature – connect with a tree for example and ask it to take the energy away; (3) do something that makes you happy, amused and laugh a good deal – this releases emotion; (4) sexual self-pleasuring also helps to release pent up emotion. Here’s a useful article on… Dealing with the Challenges of Being an Empath or Highly Sensitive

Physical Detox:

Of course it’s so important to detox the physical body too, because it is the ‘temple’ that houses your higher vibration. And if its convoluted through mixed up and scattered frequencies then the soul will struggle to embody – you’ll struggle to feel it. So if one is constantly putting junk food and toxin into the body, then the quiet voice of the soul will be hard to hear. If you haven’t done so before, or don’t do so regularly, January is a great month to begin juice detoxing. I would suggest at least a minimum of 2 whole days where you’re only juicing. Here are several detox juices that are easy to make from… Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen:

Physical detoxing also includes unwinding tightness in the body. Regularly use the sauna if you have access to one, with plenty of those rejuvenating cold plunges! Of course it’s essential to develop deep consciousness physical practices such as yoga and if you know it from the courses, then Openhand’s soulmotion.
All of this kind of cleansing naturally happens on the Openhand Courses where we’re detoxing mind, body and emotions so as to allow the soul to come in more strongly. And when residential on retreat, we’re always serving conscious cuisine. You’ll find detoxing in these ways brings tremendous benefits to your life. You’ll open up more, feel more alive and rejuvenated, and thus the soul will flow more freely, enabling you to make better aligned, higher truth choices. Happy detoxing!

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