The Soul Is Anchored In The Quantum World

If you look at the laws of conservation, it is apparent that matter can be neither created nor destroyed, but more importantly, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Everything that is in the universe has always existed and will always exist, if only in a different form.

With that being said, it only makes sense that the electrical impulses that keep the life force in beings going does not simply disappear once the physical host of this energy expires.

A well-acclaimed scientist, Doctor Stuart Hameroff, says that the idea of the soul can be explained through quantum physics. At first glance this seems insane, mixing science and religion together, but Doctor Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose have a theory.

Their theory is based on the quantum theory of consciousness and explains that the human “soul” is contained in the structures called microtubules in the brain. This energy is contained there. It is what makes humans form ideas and continue through life.

With this theory, it is clearly explained that when a human passes on, its energy is released back into the universe to be recycled, in the form of a soul. When humans have near death experiences and come back explaining what they believe to be the heavens, their theory states that their “soul” has been released into the universe, and when the physical form is brought back to life, it revisits the body in which it came from.

This theory supports the religions such as Hinduism and Buddism that believe in reincarnation. It is almost unbelievable that religions that are thousands of years old are beginning to be backed by new scientific foundings.

This theory is a huge scientific breakthrough and with more research and close examination, scientists may be able to explain the age-old question: Where do we go when we die?

Article Source: DiscloseTV



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