Deja Vu, Quantum Entanglement and Tuning into the Magic of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a term which was famously coined by psychologist and mystic Carl Jung- the definition is when 2 or more seemingly unrelated incidents occur which at first glance may seem coincidental, but upon further inspection have some kind of relation to each other.

Deja Vu

Number codes are quite frequent- possibly the most frequently reported is that of seeing 11:11, but it also goes a lot further than just numbers. Synchronicity can be a feeling too, and depending on your beliefs in reincarnation could very well continue from one lifetime to the next, one may call it deja vu, and while there is no scientific way to prove that deja vu is past life regression it could very well be the case.

Feeling Of Knowing

There is also the feeling of knowing you get sometimes when you meet a (k)new person, the feeling of comfort and ease that often accompanies these meets can often leave you feeling like you have met before. This could be explained scientifically using quantum entanglement, but could also be past life regression.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is when 2 subatomic particles become entangled by interacting together, and while this is not fully understood by modern science it shows that when the 2 particles are separated by infinite distance and 1 is altered the other is also altered. Meaning 2 people could have particles inside of themselves which are quantumly entangled.

Maybe we all contain these particles in varying degrees and this would explain a feeling of knowing when you meet someone new. It could also be theorised that this could explain past life experience, should particles be passed down through bloodlines.


Synchronicity often comes in the form of animals- eg seeing the same animal over and over, or seeing an animal in relation to something significant- an example would be if every time you spoke about a person you saw a cat.

To my understanding animals hold messages or characteristics that you would either want more or less of within your life, there are books and information online about the meaning behind animal synchronicity, however sometimes it is glaringly obvious what the message is, if you study the mannerisms of the animal.

Number Codes

Numbers are a language in of themselves, also within each number can be multiple messages  and these messages are often open to interpretation by the eye that sees them, but can often be helped along by someone who speaks the language of numbers, combined with the language of people/energy. A very simplified version of this language is-

1- Self

2- Duel

3- Trinity

4- All that exists outside of that physically (nature)

5- God (or metaphorical representation) within

6- God (or metaphorical representation) as an external

7- Life cycles

8- Infinity

9- Everything

0- Karmic cycles

This is a very basic representation of one interpretation of numbers. Given this you could see how multiple numbers could become a story eg 1-2-3 a person (1) getting into a relationship (2) and having a family (3). So if you believe in synchronicity, you can use number codes to reveal a story, although it is not always clear what the story is.

Types Of Synchronicity

Predictive- This is pretty self explanatory- when you see, think or do something that predicts an outcome. Eg thinking of someone and them seeing them while out.

Guiding- This is where you are guided to an outcome. This could be you thinking of pursuing a new passion and everywhere you go you meet someone, or find things related to that passion.

Reflective- This is like a reminder- for example you have a goal you are trying to reach and feel like quitting and then something synchronistic happens to remind you of the outcome.

Testing- This is the ego test. An example would be if you keep getting into bad relationships because your type is not a good match with your values, then the person who matches perfectly with this type comes on to you. Do you continue to repeat the cycles or not?

Synchronicity can guide you in your life and can open up many doors should you tune into its magic. It is a nudge, a push or in some case a loud scream telling you to follow your path. Will you tune into it?

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