The Other Eight Dimensions


Does a fish need to know the nature of the water in which it lives? Not really.

Do we need to know the nature of our multi-dimensional existence? Absolutely! If you intend to gain any significant mastery of life, it is essential to fully understand the nature of consciousness, energy and time.

Everybody knows that we live in a world with three dimensions of space. For convenience, simply call them length, breadth, and height. Time is generally considered to be the fourth dimension because, just like space, it changes. Some scientists argue that because time passes in a constant way, maybe its not a real dimension.

Other scientists have argued that there may be many more dimensions in existence, but they think that these other dimensions would be spatial. Somewhere, they suggested, tucked away in 3-dimensional space, there lurk extra dimensions which are curled up and tucked away somewhere out of sight.

Quick, check under the rug and see if they’re hiding there!

I’m so glad the Creator wasn’t that confused when the dimensions of the universe were brought into being. Dimensions are attributes or properties of physical objects. For example, an object can be located in a certain place and is, like all of us, passing through time, but what other attributes make it what it is? What properties other than space and time affect that object?

For a start, what about the energies that make up the object’s atoms? Then, what about the framework of Creation that makes all things possible? The Creator made the universe out of one ingredient – consciousness – so you can’t leave consciousness off the list. If all things are composed of consciousness, then what combination of intention and feeling makes that object what it is?

Let’s start at the top, with the fundamental framework of Original Consciousness that makes all other things possible. These fundamental dimensions are the attributes of the Original Trinity – Divine Intention, Divine Attraction, and the principle of Motion. If they weren’t holding the universe in manifestation, we wouldn’t even be here to wonder about the other dimensions!

The Divine Dimensions:
1. Divine Intention
2. Divine Attraction
3. Divine Motion

Creation of a physical universe requires more complexity than the original three dimensions. It requires the Triple Trinity Effect – a multiplication principle employed by the Creator to take each attribute of consciousness and use each one to create three more subsidiary attributes. Taking the three attributes of the Original Trinity produces an extra three groups of three for a total of nine additional dimensions.

The Energy Dimensions:
4. Etheric energy
5. Magnetic energy
6. Electric energy

Light energy is widely known to be electro-magnetic. What isn’t widely known is that, while it travels at light speed through free space, it has an additional energy component. It is etheric energy that energizes each photon of light to travel through space in a super-physical state, right up until it smacks into a solid barrier and degrades into a physical electron.

While etheric energy is strange to materialistic science, it is known to many as vital life energy, “qi” or “prana.” Chinese medicine has used it to maintain the health of patients very effectively for several millennia.

The Space Dimensions:
7. Length
8. Breadth
9. Height

It is interesting that, in the physics laboratory, consciousness has shown itself as a factor that changes the outcome of certain experiments, but so far it has defied formal explanation. It’s like an elephant in the room. It’s very obvious, you can’t avoid it, yet no one wants to talk about it.

At the material level, consciousness appears as the awareness within all things. Just like the Divine level of consciousness, the material level has two complementary aspects – intention and feeling.

All physical objects contain basic awareness because all things are composed of consciousness. It’s a little hard to imagine that, say, a bar of steel has much intention other than keeping its molecules together in one place, but you can prove that it has feelings.

Let me tell you the single-most memorable fact that I learned as a young man who spent five years in the study of mechanical engineering. If you cut through a bar of steel with a hacksaw, stress lines appear where the blade cuts through. If, however, you first dip the steel bar in a bowl of the anesthetic, diethyl ether, the consciousness of the bar is affected. When you then cut through it, no stress lines appear! The steel bar feels no pain, thereby proving that it does have feelings, at least when they’re not sent to sleep by an anesthetic.

The final group of three dimensions is the Motion group, consisting of intention in motion, feeling in motion, and the physical manifestation of motion in the form of that constant agent of change which we call time.

The Motion Dimensions:
10. Intention
11. Feeling
12. Time or physical motion

That makes a total of twelve dimensions in all and, no, there aren’t any extra ones rolled up and hiding under the rug.



About the author:
Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped millions of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. Through his fifty years of experience as a macromystic – one who is concerned with the creation and evolution of the universe – he has become a master of the field of spiritual metaphysics. Answers to some of the most teasing mysteries of both metaphysics and physics have emerged from his awareness, often through inspiration from ascended masters from the higher planes of consciousness. The Shift in global consciousness is opening the doorway to soul development as the next step in spiritual growth. Through his work at the Spiritual Dynamics Academy,, Owen can teach you how to develop rapport with your soul level of consciousness, continually filling your life with inspiration, joy, and creativity.

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