5 Types of Synchronistic Connections: Everyone We Meet, We Meet for a Reason

The Universe that we live in works in mysterious ways. There is chaos in the complexities of its functioning and yet everything is balanced.

It can be rightly said that nothing in this Universe happens by chance. Even the most insignificant incidents happen as planned and serve a greater purpose. Everything that happens is a manifestation of the cosmos.

Our journey through life is not entirely a smooth ride. There are ups and downs. Some roads are rough and others are not. Life is a mystery where all experiences hold equal importance and value. We are lucky that the Universe keeps track of our journey.

Throughout this journey, we meet different people who play different roles and serve different purposes. Some teach us certain life lessons, while others do not leave a lasting impact on us. Some people are meant to stay with us forever, while others are not. But even the people we meet are not by chance!

These are the 5 types of cosmic connections that we are likely to encounter on our journey:

1. Those meant to awaken us.

There are times in our lives when we encounter people who are agents of change. They walk into our lives to directly or indirectly initiate some change. Their very presence makes us aware that we cannot move forward in life unless we effect certain changes. The universe has its ways of working such things out.

These people will awaken your inner dormant potential that would have stayed asleep if you remained stuck.

2. Those who remind us.

Sometimes in life we come across people who stop by only to remind us of our goals. The only purpose of such interactions is to help us remain focused on our path in life.

These people remind us of who we are and what we truly wanted since the beginning.

3. Those that help us grow.

Some people help us grow as a person. They stand by us as a guide in our journey through life. They might hurt us or invite us on a an adventure to face a challenge. They show us our way when we seem to be unaware of the right path. They teach us things that we are unable to learn by ourselves.

These people stretch us in order to grow.

4. Those that hold space for us.

Some people play such insignificant roles in our lives that we do not even remember their names. These are mostly people we meet at the subway or on the roads or at a coffee house. They are simply meant to hold a space for us. They are usually the people we make small talk with and have no connection beyond that.

These people are your fellow companions that greet you on your journey, or even personal soul fans that unconsciously cheer for the good in you!

5. Those that stay.

There are only a few people who will stick by us forever. These people are rare to find but certainly are the most precious ones. They are our close friends and our immediate family. Most of them are members of our soul group, some of them might even be our soulmates.

These people are your partners that share the same or a really similar mission.

But when the time is right, the Universe will send us that one person who is meant to be with us forever. This person is another group all on their own. The presence of this person makes everything feel better. We just need to be patient in our attempts at finding them. But once we find them they are meant to stay.

They are your Twin Flame and the magnetic force inside your souls will lead you to each other. All you have to do is listen to the compass of your heart!

Source: Life Coach Code

Featured Image Credit: Prad Prathivi | The Yin to my Yang



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