Image Guided Consciousness~Increase Your Intuition By Thinking In Pictures

The majority of us speak in a language which tries to contain and label. we are the only species on the planet that does this. Instead of a moment being a moment, it is tagged, labelled and contained in our consciousness under a word or a series of words.

This is not totally a bad thing, because in part we need this very conscious and aware method of communication to live the type of lives we are accustomed to. The problem is we can at times lose touch with our non-sensory forms of language which exist within each of us.

Images are the language of the unconscious mind, the primitive mind thinks in pictures, children think in pictures and this is why children’s books have so many colourful pictures. This is the way that we simplify the message and persuade them to read it.

Unfortunately the ultimate goal of this is getting them away from pictures and focusing on the words instead of incorporating the two.

The top 5 intellectually advanced nations in the world all have pictorial language in their culture. Pictorial language has no alphabet, just thousands of pictures which leaves a lot open to interpretation and intuition, which allows you to use more of your imagination.

We are intuitively starved in the western world, because of the scientific nature of our society. I am in no way anti science as I think it has a huge place within our world, but a lot of things that are not scientifically viable are dismissed as make belief and imaginary.

The conscious world is that of science, while the unconscious world is that of spirit and to find the perfect merger of the 2 is the ideal place for any society to be.

The truth is synchronicities, spiritual awakenings, sacred symbolism, out of body experiences, guidance from spirits and many more things are very real. While I don’t believe they exist only in the mind, if they do it doesn’t take away from the reality of the experience.

Not only have I experienced these events, but countless other people I have met on my journey have also experienced them. So regardless of what they are, they still are something significant. Which change the course of many lives.

To increase your spiritual awareness is partly to increase your imagination and the creative faculty in your mind. One of the ways you can do this is to try and revert back to a primitive way of thinking using imagery.

This at first is a little weird, because we are so used to using words to express our emotions and feelings. But if you make an effort to do this it will raise your spiritual awareness and intuition.


The easiest way to see something in your mind is to first see it with your eyes. When you go out and you see a flower or an animal or anything in the world, try not to name it but just process it in its visual form.


You can then start to visualise things in your mind, it is easier to imagine something that you are already familiar with, so to start thinking in images you should start with the reality you live in.

Imagine your day before you set out without any worded thoughts, imagine the faces of your loved ones and the objects which exist around your home.

Imagine geometrical patterns, bright colours and illusionary constructs. Try to imagine the world and also envision how you want your world to be.

Drawing (In Colour)

Thinking in images can be helped by drawing images. Draw how you feel, express the emotions inside of you by letting it out on a piece of paper. It doesn’t need to be a work of art just an expression of your consciousness.

Thinking in colour is a sign of a spiritually advanced being so the more colour you can add the better. Plus colouring is like a meditation and also has great therapeutic benefits.


The dream world is a connection to the unconscious spiritual plane which consists entirely of imagery. The difference between this world in someone who is spiritually aware and someone who is not is the ability to decipher and extract meaning from your dreams.

You can also connect to your spiritual guides in dreams and a lot of the information that you need to advance spiritually can be found while you are sleeping.

This connection to the dream world may take a little dedication, but you should ask before you go to sleep to be guided and to have visions as this will help you when you get into the dream state.

How this works is something that cannot be scientifically verified, but try to keep your mind open to the possibility that maybe your dreams are more than just your mind processing unconscious thoughts.


Meditation produces altered states of consciousness. When you are connected deeply in these states you will often receive visual guides of what you are to do next.

These visual guides can sometimes be a visual analogy, so organising your house could be interpreted as organising your mind or they can be a lot more straightforward.

There is a saying that praying is talking to god, while meditation is listening. While I am not personally religious and I am not saying that meditation is a religious experience. What I have interpreted god to be is that which you connect to through meditation and other sacred experiences. This could be any religious or non-religious beliefs that you have.

With practice meditation can becomes a visual experience which helps you to really connect intuitively and learn to decipher the visual analogies presented to you during your sessions.

My advice for getting started would be to practice observing without worded thoughts, take a walk around the park and view everything you see as it is, not the verbal tag we have given it. Try to do this every day for the next week or so and see how you get on!

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