4 Possible Explanations for Deja Vu

‘Deja Vu’ is one of those things that many people have experienced, but have no real understanding of why it happens. When translated from French, it literally means “already seen.”

This commonly used phrase describes a moment of time that a person feels they’ve already experienced before. For example, when I have bouts of deja vu, I recognize that the moment has happened before and then try to predict what will happen next. It’s eerie, yet satisfying when you do so successfully.

Either it’s already happened to you, or it’s going to happen to you, because about two-thirds of the population experiences deja vu at least one time during their lifetime. Age is the only factor that has been seen to be significant, as a majority of instances of deja vu happen between the ages of 15 and 25.

Here four explanations for deja vu that help us understand the phenomena better than any scientific reasoning:


Given the moniker “The Bringer of Dreams,” Mercury served as messenger to archaic Roman deities. Mercury has the ability to take on the appearance of any human, and often travels the dreamworlds of both humans and gods, carrying with him different messages, insights, and wisdoms.

It might be the case that instances of deja vu are glimpses into the future that he’s given you. But you cannot fully recall them, and it fades quickly.


When speaking about reincarnation regarding deja vu, it is often thought that deja vu is like a brief glance through a keyhole into a previous life. Except this time, you’re aware of the moment that is playing out, giving you the opportunity to change it; to make the right decision.

The Time-Space Continuum

If we view time and space as linear dimensions that run alongside other dimensions that mankind cannot perceive, it is possible that, given certain circumstances, sometimes our linear existence overlaps with other dimensions on the continuum.

This occurrence would manifest itself as a somewhat of an out-of-body experience, where you feel as though something you’ve never witnessed before is actually completely familiar.

The Big Bang

One last explanation involves the theory that there were multiple big bangs that happened when the universe was first being created, and subsequently recreated.

Each time the world is recreated, minor changes happen to random people at random times, placing them in a setting from the past that looks and feels familiar.

What do you think? Speculation on deja vu has, and probably always will be, very interesting, as the notion of experiencing a moment that you swear has already happened before is quite mysterious and puzzling.

Source: Expanded Consciousness



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