What Is Life? Opening Up Pandora’s Box Of Discovery

I recently read a facebook meme, which said something along the lines of, life is broken up into 3 stages-


  1. We are born
  2. What the hell is this
  3. We die


And I am starting to think this may be a very accurate description of what life actually is. Is it some type of godly character who put us here? Is it science that created us? Is there a mixture of the 2? What is the meaning of life? Is there a meaning to life? Can we ever find true happiness? What is love? Do we ever figure life out?


I am starting to think that we don’t and I can only speak from my own personal perspective as it is the only one that I have lived within. But based on my limited experience of life and the observation of others it seems that life works in some kind of strange pendulum swinging motion.

Light then dark, happy, then sad, moving in the right direction, then lost without a clue where you are going and sometimes you just kind of hang around in some kind of middle ground of all your emotions. These periods can vary greatly from person to person and the particular circumstances you are facing. But for me personally I get the need for a few days of darkness, solitude and reflection out of most months.


Every time you come out of the other side of a darker period you find you gain a little more insight on what life is all about, but often that insight can appear meaningless down the line as new insights open up.

The strange paradox that seems to ring true with the search of knowledge is the more you gain, the less you realise you know and the more questions you ask, the more questions you need to ask to find answers.

It is like the story of Pandora’s box, when Pandora was given a wedding gift of a box from the god Zeus. The only condition was that she should never open it. Quickly she became obsessed with the potential of what could be in this box and just had to take a look.

When she opens it she was expecting fine silks, gowns, bracelets and necklaces or even piles of gold. But what was released was death, disease, misery and poverty. Seeing all this she slams the box shut and her husband Epimetheus enters the room to find a traumatised Pandora cowering in the corner.

They hear one more thing inside the box asking to be let out and decide that nothing can be worse than what was just unleashed so they open it and out flutters hope. So even with all the death, disease, misery and poverty, there is still hope in the world.

I think this is the price we pay for curiosity, we become exposed to the truth of life and sometimes the truth can be extremely painful to see, but ultimately if you can keep the faith and hope you can persevere through these moments.

Many people walk around without asking too many questions, they pay their taxes, accept what is put in front of them and never delve deep into the more mysterious aspects of life. Maybe this is the way to live peacefully and at times it seems like an envious position, but some of us (like Pandora) just cannot settle without trying to figure it all out.

But maybe life is less about knowing exactly what every intricate detail of everything is and more about trusting what is happening in your search for the truth in this world. Maybe some of us just cannot help but to open up the mysteries of life, regardless of the consequences.

For those of you who are on that path there are many avenues you can discover, such as meditation, exercise, yoga, reading and studying. There are plenty of mystical avenues you can go down such as occult teachings, astrology, shamanism and the spirit world. There are also many ways you can open your mind with substances which vary from good nutrition, to herbal supplements, all the way up the psychedelic adventures.

So whatever resonates with you, think about it, trust your intuition and go deep into it’s world and look around. With that accept you may hit a few wall and at times become so lost that you may wish you never entered, but the truth will set you free, so trust the process that is life!

So do we ever figure it all out? I doubt it, but it is not going to stop us trying right? So keep searching!!!


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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