Overcoming Hatred~A State of Totally Focused Consciousness

Overcoming hatred is a tough nut to crack for many people, however, it is possible as soon as the concept of hate is understood and certain techniques are applied.

The definition of hatred translates to a strong dislike for someone or something. It can also be a force that tears us down and consumes our day-to-day thoughts.

The power of hatred can turn happy moments into dark ones and change the mood, not only to the person experiencing it, but also those around him/her.

Let’s face it, there are very few people who are able to fully control hatred. And there are many people who have experienced the bitter feelings at their worst, and have not been able to control them.

Often times, hatred occurs between family members, couples, siblings and even parents and children, which is a frightening fact.

Hatred can tear apart relationships easier than anything else. It is a dark force and a state of mind which easily captures our brain and body and is hard to overcome.

But is there a way to overcome hatred?

Overcoming Hatred With 5 Techniques

There has also been a common slang associated with hate. A person who hates on something is a ‘hater’, and this label has been popular everywhere and went mainstream over the past few years.

A ‘hater’ is a person that is not happy for other people’s success (according to Urban Dictionary).

However, we can definitely agree that hatred is much more than that, and ‘haters’ are people who channel even worse emotions, allowing themselves to be taken over by them.

Luckily, overcoming hatred lies in the simple things one must learn to control.

1. Forgive

Escaping hate is best done with the will to forgive. And learning how to forgive will definitely make you a better person.

The truth is, hate comes in many forms, and these feelings can ruin your family or your mindset if you let it take over.

Speaking of letting go, if you cannot let an incident, conversation or action go, you will likely experience even a greater heartache and let hatred control your mind.

Meditating with the intention to forgive, is many times helpful.

2. Accept Things That You Cannot Change

We are not meant to change everything in life. There are things that cannot be controlled or changed, especially the things that have already occurred.

When life serves any of the things mentioned in the form of high bitterness, you should know and carefully analyze the situation.

If there is something you can change about the situation, go on. But if the answer is not, you should move on and leave the anger and resentment behind.

3. Serve And Be Patient

Hatred is an emotion with deep roots and something that does not disappear overnight. It takes time to dissolve hate out of you, and a significant effort is required on your side to let it fade out.

Serving others is a great way to diminish the thoughts of anger. The secret in service is giving a little — being patient — and receiving a lot more in return.

4. Understand That We Are Not The Same

Every person is different on this planet and each one of us is a person full of experiences that shape up our beliefs, thoughts, likes and dislikes.

The feelings of anger and hatred are therefore not equal to any two people, and in situations like this, when hatred takes over one’s mind, we should all consider each individual’s background before proceeding, whilst reminding ourselves that everyone is different and sees the world from another viewpoint.

5. Avoid Negative People And Find Your Happiness Within

Many times, negative people can be the root cause for our hatred. That is why we should all look for our inner happiness and not let anyone spoil it — whether it is with an action, thought or in any other form.

In the end, we should all accept hatred as a powerful emotion — so powerful, in fact, that it caused wars and destroyed nations.

It is not something to ignore or hope it goes away, but something we should control and learn from.

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