10 Important Dream Symbols You Should Not Ignore

If you are someone who pays attention to their dreams, right on! Interpreting dreams symbols is an effective way to translate what our unconscious mind is relaying to us.

This subjective inner reality is no less real, than our objective outer reality, in that, our inner and outer worlds are both coherent and directly affect one another. Really, you could say that we live in two worlds and by paying attention to our dream symbols, we gain real insights and the direct guidance from our unconscious mind as it is a psychological fact that our unconscious knows first.

1. Water

Water is directly associated to your emotions and reflects your current emotional state. If you are repressing your emotions in your waking life or if your emotions are out of control and running the show, water will manifest in your dreams. It is crucial to analyze the state of the water to find the deeper meaning.

2. Flower

To see a budding or blossoming flower, may indicate that new opportunities that you are not yet consciously aware of, are on the horizon for you. Sprouting flowers indicate that your seeds of thought have manifested, look forward to positive changes ahead. While withered or dead flowers indicate that a phase that is coming to an end.

3. The Sun

A potent symbol of spiritual energy, to see the sun shining brightly, indicates awareness, enlightenment and abundance. A sunrise indicates new realizations and joy.

If you see a setting sun, a darkened sun or an eclipse of the sun, deeper meanings need to be explored as they could indicate transition periods.

4. The Moon

Another potent dream symbol, to see the moon in your dream indicates your shadow aspect, the hidden, unseen, highly intuitive and creative side of you that is urging you to trust your gut and follow your instincts. The moon is most often associated with feminine energy and its influence on your consciousness.

5. Road 

A symbol of life’s journey, the road in your dream is a clear sign of where you are in your waking state. If you meet a fork in the road an important decision lies ahead, if the road is bumpy or curvy expect minor set backs on the goals you are looking to achieve. If the road is darkened it denotes, unfavourable choices that you have made and are cautiously moving your way through.

6. Flying

A flying dream is classified as a lucid dream and is a wake up call from your unconscious to your conscious mind. Flying denotes difficulties in your waking state that you are trying to rise above, but a proving easier said than done. It is important to research and realize all aspects of your flying dream including how high, how far, what you saw and who saw you in order to grasp what the unconscious is conveying.

7. Ladder

Dreaming of a ladder generally indicates good luck. If you are climbing up a ladder, you are in a favourable position of advancement spiritually or material wise and you have done the necessary work to achieve what goals you are seeking to attain. However, if you fall off a ladder this indicates your efforts will be all for nothing. If you dream of a ladder breaking it indicates that troubles are coming your way.

8. Box

Dreaming of a box indicates things that are being hidden from your conscious. An empty box indicates disappointments and means that there is nothing for you on this path. To see many boxes indicates feelings that you are trying to hide away, to “box them up” and not deal with them.

9. Sirens 

Hearing a siren ringing in your dreams indicates a very crucial aspect in your life that you are overlooking. Sirens are a warning cry from your unconscious, meant to get your attention. Be on guard for temptations in your life that will not serve your higher good.

10.Phone Ringing

A phone ringing indicates an aspect of your personality that it finally getting through to you. Something in your life needs attention and you are becoming more insightful in terms of realizing what this is. A situation may be more clear to you now than it was before. If the phone goes unanswered it represents aspects of your life that you are choosing to ignore and refuse to see.

Originally Published isoulscience.com December 5, 2015 

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