Why the Quantum World is Changing Everything

Quantum physics is the new physics that is pointing to something far greater than the materialistic world that we once believed to be the basis of our existence. Not only is disproving our original perception of space and time, but it is opening the doors to possibility of time travel, telepathy and consciousness creating our reality. Below are some of the major properties of quantum mechanics and the implications they have on the world around us. You won’t be disappointed!


    • Quantum Entanglement: When two sub-atomic particles cross paths with one another, they become “entangled.”
      This means that their properties become linked with one another. When these entangled particles are separated (even millions of miles or light-years apart), what happens to one particle instantaneously happens to the other particle.

Why this is so phenomenal: This means that information is travelling far faster than the speed of light to be communicated in an instant way across vast distances.
This defies what we previously knew to be possible, and also hints at the notion of telepathy having the potential to be scientifically studied.

Einstein referred to this as “spooky action at a distance.” The new physics is currently being harnessed in an attempt to build “quantum computers” that would revolutionize technology as we know it today.

  • Atoms and subatomic particles can be in two places at once. In 2012 Dr. S. Haroche and Dr. Wineland won the Nobel Prize for using quantum mechanics to prove that electrons can be in two places at once. This theory was tested to 1 part in 100 billion in terms of accuracy. This officially made it the most successful physical theory that ever existed.

What this means: In theory, the fact that this has been proven runs in congruence with the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. This theory implies that all potential realities and possibilities already exist, and that there are potentially an infinite number of parallel realities. This theory was brought to life by a scientist named Hugh Everett.

In theory, this would technically mean that any actions you judge in others, you have also committed in a parallel reality. It would also mean that what is happening to you right now have already happened and will happen again.

Most importantly, it would essentially mean that we collectively create our personal reality – as the “Implicate” order of existence projects outward the “Explicate” order around us (See David Bohm’s Implicate and Explicate Order of Existence). This happens through the means of our collective energy being filtered through our human consciousness to project the outer reality we experience.

  • In the quantum world, everything behaves as both waves and particles! So sub-atomic particles can behave like matter or move in wave patterns.The most mind-blowing part about this, is that particles behave like waves when we aren’t looking, and like matter when we are!
    The act of looking is what changes the behavior of the particles.

What this means: This means that consciousness literally influences reality. The act of observing something can literally be responsible for bringing a potential reality to life. If you’ve ever heard of the Law of Attraction, quantum physics essentially supports this idea.

When you focus on a desired outcome, it is almost as if you “reel in” that already existing quantum super-position of reality that brings it to life!! (See Double Slit Experiment Video Below)

  • Quantum particles have the ability to move back and forth through time. Very recently, scientists at the University of Queensland were able to simulate photons travelling through time. In one case, the photon was sent through a wormhole to interact with itself in a previous state. In another, a photon travelled through regular space-time to interact with a different photon.

What this means: Quite simply this means that our five senses are very limited in the way they allow us to perceive the world. Classical physics and much of science is based on finding proof from conducting experiments and observing their results.
But we interpret our observations based on our limited five senses. Quantum physics is beginning to demonstrate that there is so much more outside of our current mainstream perception of reality.

This also means that time and space aren’t what we have made them out to be. They are not linear functions.
This also opens the hypothetical doors to the possibility of time travel.
If these sub-atomic particles are able to do this, and we are made of sub-atomic particles, what implication does this have!?

One thing I have always found funny about mainstream science is that it has a preference towards ignoring the miraculous and studying the ordinary. When astonishing events take place that challenge our foundation of scientific beliefs, scientists that wish to explore them are often condemned by their peers and community.

We know that science is based on proving things through measurement and calculation.
But if what we are perceiving is limited because our five senses only provide a piece of the entire picture, maybe it is time we began to focus on studying what is out of the ordinary.

Quantum mechanics is currently challenging and uprooting some of our belief systems that have previously been based on the limitations of our senses. Rather than looking at the external world, science is now beginning to investigate the internal world in the form of microscopic particle behavior.

To contemplate that these particles are behaving this way and these particles are what form the world around us is a mind-boggling thought.

Source: Expanded Consciousness



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