The Awesome Omega Male: What Makes Him Better than the Alpha

Most people are familiar with the Alpha male, he is dominant, strong and competitive. But he’s not the only man of interest. The Omega male also seems pretty amazing.

When you think of a successful man, you general think of the alpha male, and other types don’t seem to get much attention. This is a shame, and it’s time to recognize other male types as well.

Types of Males:

1) The Alpha Male

The alpha male is who you think of when you hear the word “cave man. He is an attention seeker with a rather large ego. His goals are strong, he must be the strongest, fastest and more resilient. Competition is a must, and he will compete against anyone in any area. He is “top dog.

2) The Omega Male

The omega male is completely different from the alpha male, in fact the omega doesn’t like the alpha all that much. Although the beta male has confidence as well, they do not feel a need to boast or prove their worth. They will compete, but they don’t feel it’s necessary to thrive.

How to Recognize an Omega Male

Society reveres the alpha male. As you know, the kicker on the football team is not the most popular, it’s the quarterback, whom most resembles the alpha sort of man. Everyone pays attention to the quarterback and they are generally the center of attention. But this is about the omega man. Here are some of the qualities you might want to know.

He is introverted

Usually the omega male is introverted. He prefers to spend time alone or only a small number of friends. He doesn’t need all the attention that comes with large crowds. Instead he rather be in his own element and have no interest in being “top dog.

He’s laid back

While the alpha male is the life of the party, the omega male is more reserved. He doesn’t like confrontations and much rather just let any opposition go. He doesn’t like to fight, rather peace is more attractive.

He is gentle

Since the omega male doesn’t seem as testosterone-filled and arrogant, they can easily show tenderness. They love to give their partners back rubs after work and cuddle in front of the television. They are overall more romantic.

Omegas are kind

He is not as much focused on himself, rather the omega man prefers to help others instead. It’s not for his own gain, he is just a kind person.

He is empathetic

Omega males have the ability to see through the eyes of other people, meaning if someone is in pain, he can relate in a way.

They prefer relationships that are deep

Omega males are not so much into fickle friends. They prefer relationships grounded in trust, love and loyalty. They also don’t have many friends because of this preference. Better believe the friends they have are good ones.

They work solo

It’s no real surprise that the omega male prefers to work on his own. Although he may have a few friends, he will tends to go about things in a solo manner.

He doesn’t have a large ego

While the alpha male is really concerned about how other people see him, the omega man, not so much. Even though he may be able to accomplish just as much, the omega male will not require an audience to do so.

Both the alpha and omega male have redeeming qualities, but the alpha male is recognized more often. Don’t forget about him. Pay attention to the omega man, instead of passing him by. You just might be surprised by what he can do!


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