This Woman Left Her Body During Surgery and Came Back With an Amazing Story

Cases such as that of Pam Reynolds’ near death experience call upon scientists and doctors to acknowledge the possibility of consciousness surviving the body after death. At the age of 35, in 1991, Pam Reynolds, an American singer/songwriter, was diagnosed as having a large aneurysm near her brain stem. Reynolds was told that she had no chance of survival.

As a last resort, she underwent a rarely performed surgical procedure known as hypothermic cardiac arrest. In this procedure, the body is cooled to temperatures below 20°C (68°F), blood circulation is slowed dramatically, and brain function is stopped for up to an hour, rendering the patient clinically dead. During this time, the body and brain are monitored very closely.

The operation was a success and Reynolds recovered completely. But she awoke with an incredible story to tell. Her experience is one of the most widely documented in the field of near death studies due to the fact that her brain activity had been recorded during the operation. Being that she had no brain activity, she should have no memory during this time frame. Indicating that her experience could not have been a dream or an hallucination caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen in a dying brain).

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