Researcher Claims Humans Did Not Evolve on Earth

It was just earlier this year that some scientists opened up discussion about the possibility that human life originated on Mars after finding a crucial “life-generating” mineral in Martian meteorites.

Dr. Ellis Silver is seeking to make waves and spur debate with his new book that centers around the idea that humans did not evolve on Earth. The theory proposes that human life evolved elsewhere and was brought to Earth by some alien entities as recent as 60,000 to 200,000 years ago.

Of course, this is a wildly provocative claim, but that’s exactly why Silver wrote his book–to make people talk about it. His argument focuses on the differences between human physiology and the physiology of other animals on Earth, stating that they’re just too different to have evolved in the same world.

“The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought,” Silver told Yahoo news. “Mankind is supposedly the most highly developed species on the planet, yet is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: harmed by sunlight, a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more.”

There are a myriad of examples that Silver uses to support this idea, including the idea that we suffer so much from back problems because the world we evolved on had less gravity. Another one is the seemingly strange size of human infants’ heads. He says that human babies are the only animal babies on the planet whose head size is dangerous to the survival of both the mother and the child.

“No other truly native species on this planet has this problem,” says Silver. He also notes that humans have 223 “extra” genes that are not seen in any other species, and lack any fossils pointing to a “missing link.”

“Lizards can sunbathe for as long as they like – and many of them do. We can just about get away with it for a week or two. But day after day in the sun? Forget it. You might as well just lie down on the freeway and wait for a bus to hit you.”

“We are all chronically ill,” Silver explains. “Indeed, if you can find a single person who is 100% fit and healthy and not suffering from some (perhaps hidden or unstated) condition or disorder (there’s an extensive list in the book) I would be extremely surprised – I have not been able to find anyone.”

In Silver’s eyes, humans are very obviously not designed to live on Earth, so it makes absolutely zero sense to think that we evolved alongside the other forms of life on this planet.

“I believe that many of our problems stem from the simple fact that our internal body clocks have evolved to expect a 25 hour day (this has been proven by sleep researchers), but the Earth’s day is only 24 hours. This is not a modern condition – the same factors can be traced all the way back through mankind’s history on Earth.”

Another strange phenomena pointing to the notion that humans are not of the Earth is the word, ‘sehnsucht,’ which is defined as “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what” or “a yearning for a far, familiar, non-earthly land one can identify as home.” Dr. Silver explains that numerous people often express the sentiment that they simply don’t belong on Earth.

This detail often gets overlooked, but it’s something to pay attention to if a large portion of the population feels this way.

“This suggests (to me at least) that mankind may have evolved on a different planet, and we may have been brought here as a highly developed species,” says Silver.

Mars is often the answer people land on when considering these possibilities, because evidence of large amounts of water have been found there and numerous scientists believe Mars was once in the same habitable zone of the Sun that Earth currently resides in now.

“My thesis proposes that mankind did not evolve from that particular strain of life, but evolved elsewhere and was transported to Earth (as fully evolved Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago,” concludes Silver.

What do you think? Is it possible that humans are not of the Earth?

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