9 Reasons Your Soul is Tired and How to Fix it

Waking up, feeling down, depleted of energy and lacking inspiration.

We all have times when we feel exhausted, yet if you getting your recommended 8 hours sleep a day and you still feeling like this on a daily basis, it could be a sign that your soul is tired.

When your soul is tired, it is often a sign that you are living out of alignment with your soul purpose – you lose the connection to this flow, your energy becomes weakened and your inner flame within starts to dim.

Here is another way to determine if your soul is tired:

Rub your hands together quickly for 30 seconds and then slowly open your hands.
Keep spreading apart your hands until you can no longer feel that warm energy between them.
Should there be no feeling of energy between your hands when you at shoulder width, it could be a sign that energy is depleted and your soul is tired.

Below are 9 things that can deplete your souls energy:

  1. Untrue to yourself.
  2. Meaning no but saying yes.
  3. Partaking in unfulfilling activity.
  4. Engaging in petty arguments and gossip.
  5. Associating with toxic people, be it partners or friends.
  6. Negative self-talk.
  7. Living in the past.
  8. Surrounding yourself in clutter.
  9. Lacking in self LOVE.

The above and could cause you to feel out of alignment, making you feel depressed and without motivation. It can also affect your psychic and intuition senses and breed addictive or obsessive behaviors.

Should the above resonate with you, it’s important to make some changes. You may find it’s difficult to work up the energy to pull yourself out of your funk and into a place of healing, but once you start the process you will be amazed at how quickly and easily your soul will regenerate.

Below are some suggestions to help fix a tired soul:

  1. Self Love 
  2. Get creative
  3. Meditate
  4. Practice positive affirmations 
  5. Recharge Your Energy Using Crystals
  6. Cleanse Your Aura

Never give up. Your soul is very powerful, there is nothing your soul can not handle, regardless of the state it is in.

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