Everywhere You Go, There You Are

You may or may not be surprised to learn there are other dimensions outside of our reality. They are difficult to reach in our physical bodies. According to the law of vibration, the universe and all that belongs to it are comprised of vibratory energy. The basic atom vibrates at uncountable frequencies. This is what makes an apple different form an orange. The minute differences in vibration change the characteristics of an object.

This principle is true of our universe. It’s also true of the invisible universe to which ours is connected. There are infinite dimensions attached to our realm which operate at different vibratory rates. Some of these domains are physical, while some exist as light and sound. We cannot get to these domains in our physical bodies. We are only able to journey to them when we have made our transition or during an out of body experience.

Astral travelers or projectionists as they are known, have the ability to journey out of the body at will. Projectionists know that there are endless spheres of existence. Most of these worlds are completely alien to us. A series of books by Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body,Far Journeys and,The Ultimate Journey, map his travels into these exotic lands. These books offer a fascinating look into the unknown universe.

These alien provinces cannot be experienced in any usual way due the limitations of our physical bodies. These domains exist right where we are standing, but they can only be accessed those possessing their full senses. However, this would be unusual since there are no one in possession their full senses. I don’t mean that in a humorous way. Our five primary senses have been restricted to this reality. It’s like wearing sunglasses. You only see what you see. Everything else is filtered out as if it doesn’t exist. As I said, these domains exist right where we are. A respected metaphysicist once told me that spiritual domains are nonlocale, meaning they exist nowhere and everywhere. This condition is also true of our realm.

Like time, space is a concept unique to this reality. It does not exist outside of this universe, except in provinces similar to our own. To understand space, we have to realize that there is none. Space is an illusory concept put in place by higher forces to make our human experience possible. There is no fixed position on the other side. Up, down, right, and left has no meaning. I always use the Internet as an analogy. When you type Google’s url into your address bar, you are taken to Google’s home page. From there you might click a link and go to Gmail. With a fast connection, it happens almost instantaneously. It’s unlike driving from Boston to Miami where you travel through several states to get there. My point is that the traveling you do in the physical world is not really happening. It only seems like it is. In the spirit world, travel does not take time. It’s mental. Though you travel, your destination is a thought away. How fast can you think? Think of a red ball. How long did it take you to form that thought. It probably appeared in your mind as soon as you read that sentence. That’s how it works.

If you want to try mental travel, try thinking of your favorite vacation spot. Make your image as real as possible. Visualize the colors, sounds, smells and anything particular to that place. There you have it. You have now mentally traveled to your favorite vacation spot. But you say, “Oh no that’s not real.” It’s very real. The mental is more real than the physical. The law of mentalism tells us this.

So we see there is a lot more to space than we ever could have imagined. There are domains outside of our reality that have no location. That should make no difference to us since we don’t even know they exist. We have blinders on that restrict our vision. By practicing self-awareness techniques such as meditation, we will be able break through the wall and experience the true splendor of the universe.




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