Is the Universe Conscious?

There is a new paradigm of science which is a very amazing, intriguing and offers a very interesting study.  A lot of research has been going on for quite some time on now this subject. Though this is yet to be 100% scientifically established for universal acceptance such as laws of physics, yet it is a subject that can no more be ignored by the reductionist physics laws. It is considered to be beyond the nuance of contemporary material science. Yes, we are talking about “consciousness” which is a fundamental building block of nature and permeating the whole of the universe and now gaining immense attention around the world for extensive research.

This consciousness that exists in everything is responsible for a ubiquitous rationality or what they call a universal coherence. This explains why same laws of physics hold good for all the matters in the universe, be it as small as one atom or as big as a star. There are some fundamental laws like law of energy conservation, laws of gravitation etc. All these are applicable in the same manner on bodies irrespective of shape, size or any other physical characteristic.  These stipulations have been scientifically proven by experiments in laboratories or in the actual environment.

The laws of physics applicable ubiquitously are not by a matter of chance. They are definitely a part of the overall galactic overreaching purpose. It is the teleological naturalism or a deliberate design in the nature that makes the laws of physics valid at all points and times of the universe. The important consideration is how such things happen in nature so meticulously. It cannot be just by accident. There has to be some rational force which governs all these complex things and there have to be fundamental building blocks which can be present in the minutest possible things as well as in matters of gigantic nature.

Everything is mindful

There is some degree of consciousness in everything around us which keeps it aligned with the galactic plan of nature. This ubiquitous consciousness cannot be explained through our known fundamental physical rules of mass, space and time. This in itself is a fundamental law and that is why it is termed as fundamental building blocks of nature. The universality of this consciousness is called “Panpsychism“. This term is coined from Greek words “pan” which means all and “psyche” which means mind or soul. This is not a new concept; in fact, this is an integral part of the core concept of Hinduism and Buddhism and is believed to unite all the diversities of the universe. It postulates that all objects in the universe and all parts of the objects have some “mind”. It’s not like a complex mind of a human being, but it definitely has some fundamental building blocks of consciousness which connect it to the universe at large. Be it a living or no living object, some amount of consciousness is present in all of them.  Thus every single particle in the universe “knows” every other particle by connecting through some kind of consciousness.

The laws of physics bind us to just a materialistic view where our stipulations are limited to the particles, the materials are made up of and their interaction with each other. However, this fails to explain many other things happening around us which are not materialistic in nature.  The study of this thought of panpsychism will allow us opportunities for further researches to connect it to other existing laws of physics known to us. However, this being an unconventional aspect, it needs to be firmly established by tests in the arena of science. An American physicist Gregory Matloff has suggested that how this can now explain the dark matter effects which have till now remained very intriguing for the scientists. No particle in this universe is definite in shape or position unless it is observed and measured. Dark matter is known to be only a hypothetical matter influences the particulate matter through gravitational forces only. This is based on the understanding that the cool stars (the celestial bodies which emit light by fusion of their atoms just like our sun) are able to go round the centre of the galaxy by forces generated by their molecular interaction with the vacuum energy spread over the universe. These cooler stars are seen to be moving more quickly than the other ones by way of unidirectional pull or jet as they call it and which is supposed to be spread over in all directions and not just limited to the centre of galaxy only. Matloff further suggests that this is true not only in our galaxy, the milky way but in all the galaxies having the dark matter. This same physics can be seen working everywhere in the universe and this proves the universal coherence.

The Future Of Universal Consciousness

The important question here is how could this correlate to the consciousness, the primary building blocks spread over the universe. There may not be a tested and proven justification for this at the moment; however, this could explain in future the seeing of UFOs or some very unusually bizarre sight in the sky which Einstein termed as spooky action at a distance.

Right now, we know very little about the quantum nonlocality which says that even if two entangled atoms are separated by a very large distance in the universe, they will always be able to interact with each other. This entangled correlation is so instantaneous that it is said to be working faster than the speed of light. The question still remains to be concretely answered whether it has to do anything with the universal consciousness. Nevertheless, the universe is continuously working in its own way.  And more meaningful for us at the moment is that the matter has organised itself in our planet to have a complex level of consciousness or awareness in the living objects here and given us the opportunity and capacity to explore and discover more of the intriguing things of nature. It is the universality of consciousness that brings our awareness closer to a better understanding of the material world. This understanding, however, cannot be made in a short span of time and needs very extensive research work.

As we understand that matter and consciousness are interrelated, we must appreciate some level of consciousness has always been there in the universe and it evolved with life. It gradually became more and more complex as the organisms also developed that way. It was in the larger plan of the universe that consciousness led to the evolution of life and natural selection. The process continues all the time and we continue attaining a higher degree of consciousness. For the moment let us be fascinated by the perception that the existence of the universe is dependent on consciousness for us as well as for the may be other smart creatures in the universe. This concept of consciousness should certainly bring forth a new revolution in scope and understanding of science.

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