How Exercise Can Improve Your Manifesting Skills

True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that – it is spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. – Charles Spurgeo

Did you know that exercise can improve your manifesting skills?

Recently I joined a gym. It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve been at a gym. I’m more of a yoga person (no big surprise there I know), but lately I’ve interested been in switching things up.

Anyways, this new routine has got me thinking about how exercise can improve your manifesting skills.

Do you HAVE to exercise to be a good manifestor?

Now, first things first, this article in no way means that you HAVE to exercise in order to be a good deliberate manifestor. No way. You can be an expert manifestor with or without exercise, because you are capable of having your life however you choose it to be.

However, with that being said, it’s also important to work within your belief structures. Many of us have a belief that exercise positively benefits us, so for most of us, exercise will be beneficial. You get what you believe, after all.

Beyond that, though, is the mentality of exercise, and that’s what I want to discuss with you today.

The mentality of exercise

As you may already know, your mind is everything. It is what creates your reality. What you think, you become.
To create a “better” life, you have to be mentally strong. You have to be thinking positive thoughts. You have to believe that you are powerful.

Therefore, exercise can be such a wonderful activity for many of us who are interested in becoming better deliberate manifestors.

Why? Because when we exercise, we usually practice being strong, positive and tough!

Think about it. Imagine that you are at the gym lifting weights or out on a run and you are in the flow. What kinds of thoughts are you thinking?

I’ll tell you. You’re thinking thoughts like “I’m so strong!”I’m proud of myself!” and “I’m powerful!”

This kind of mentality is excellent to practice on a regular basis. With the Law of Attraction, the more you think thoughts like these, the more they take a precedence in your life. Not only do you “positive talk” to yourself during your workouts, but these thoughts generate momentum in your resting life as well.

Positive self-talk=better manifestation skills

Positive thinking is the key to successful manifestation, and anything you can do to amplify your positive self-talk will have profound effects on your ability to attract the things you are wanting.

I believe this is probably why so many successful people swear by exercise. Not only does it exercise your body, but (MORE importantly) you exercise your positive mentality. The more you think you are powerful, strong and capable, the more you will find this is the case.

So, if you are new to workouts or just on an extended break, consider getting into the exercise game to enhance your manifesting skills. While most people might be out there sweating just to look good, you’ll understand there are a a truckload of other benefits out there to be had.

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