10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Actually Becoming the Person You’re Supposed To Be

As the time goes by, you’ll realize that you’re actually becoming the person you’re meant to be.

And here are 10 uncomfortable signs that you may experience throughout this transformation…

1.You do things on your own and often feel isolated from others.

Being more mature means being able to handle things independently, and not wanting to delegate things you can do yourself. You even refuse people’s help. Very often you feel lonely and isolated, but on a deeper level very satisfied for being strong and independent.

2.You acknowledge that you have some issues with yourself.

You’re well aware of the issues you have to overcome, whether it’s anxiety, trust issues, mood swings, or whatever disturbs your emotional and psychological well-being. You’ll acknowledge why and in what situation these issues will arise, and you’ll employ your best efforts to conquer them.

3.You feel the need to end some unnecessary relationships.

As you grow older, you realize that you have more and more acquaintances, but very few friends. You begin to examine your relationships with people, and you’ll start to select the real friends that you want to keep in your life. The loss of that other type of friends, that you’ve once loved, might cause you feelings of guilt, disappointment or nostalgia, but you’re brave enough to cut off relationships that are toxic and harmful for your inner self.

4.You find it hard to trust people.

You’re not just picky about your friends, you’re also not easily fooled. You’ve been let down many times by empty promises and betrayals, and you know how people are. And yet, you still trust a certain number of people, that you stay loyal to and keep in your life.

5.You constantly feel like your life is boring.

It’s difficult for you to feel satisfied, because there is always something more you want to achieve. Routine and monotony bore you, and you always ask yourself what’s next. And the boredom you feel with your life might be a consequence of the lack of unnecessary drama, which you proudly avoid.

6.You know exactly what it’s like to be sad.

There is no middle ground for you: on some days you’re enthusiastic, and on others you feel as though it’s the lowest point of your life. You’ve come to terms with disappointment, failures, heartbreak, and you know life isn’t always cheerful. But, you’re also aware that pain is a lesion, and you can bounce right back.

7.You constantly feel like you’re running out of time.

For you, 24 hours a day aren’t enough. You’re constantly busy, and you don’t sleep much. It’s a struggle balancing your free time between spending it alone and spending it with your loved ones. There is always something for you to do, and you often overwork yourself. But, it nonetheless means that you’re determined to achieve what you want.

8.You regret mistakes you’ve made in the past.

It’s easy to blame yourself for mistakes from the past, you acknowledge your bad decisions and sometimes even wish that thing would go back to the way they used to be. But, you also realize that regret is pointless, and the best thing you can do is be careful not to make the same mistakes again.

9.You feel nostalgic for your childhood, family and loved ones.

Growing up isn’t always fun, and looking back on past happiness is something you do to cope with it. You live alone, away from your family and loved ones, and sometimes it gets hard, but you know very well that the best thing you can do for those who love you is to endure and succeed.

10.You feel lost and anxious about your future.

You appear strong and determined, but very often you’re insecure about your own life. You constantly question your life’s direction, and what the point of it all is. But, despite the confusion and uncertainty, you’re always able to come through with all your tasks and responsibilities. You take things one at a time, and you know things will happen when they’re supposed to.

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