5 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times Before…

Reincarnation is a normal process for the evolution of a soul.

When a soul reincarnates, it carries with it certain behavioral patterns and physiognomy that come from the past lives it has lived. It’s like a character in a game that evolves and acquires different abilities, and those abilities remain throughout all the lives. They just add up and evolve as the game progresses.

If you want to dig deeper into the details of reincarnation, Roger Ebert’s “The Quantum Theory of Reincarnation” discusses it from the angle of quantum mechanics and is approached more technically.

Regardless, most of us have gone through this cycle. Some souls are newer some are older.

For souls who’ve been through this cycle a couple of times the signs might not show up at all. And that’s ok, they are still not evolved yet to know.

But for souls who have been through this cycle many times before, the signs are clear and intense. They slowly start to awaken and see the hidden dimensions of reality.

Here are 5 signs indicating that you may have been reincarnated many times…

1. You have recurring dreams.

Dreams are the unconscious way of processing trauma, especially events from the past life. The unconsciousness is the mediator between your soul and all its memories, and your current self. That’s why things get much stranger when you dive in there.

This may be one reason why some of our dreams are far off from our present situation and might be recurring. There are lessons or trauma that we still need to heal from our past lives and it might show up in your dreams.

To help us interpret this kind of dreams, Sigmund Freud wrote “The Interpretation of Dreams,” though it was not widely accepted by some modern theorists, psychologists, and philosophers.

2. You recognize a place you have never actually seen.

Some people have clear memories of certain places they have never been yet. Most of these cases are directly related to reincarnation.

If a place is very much familiar to you even if you haven’t visited it yet chances are you might recognize it from some unconscious memory embedded in your soul.

This goes even deeper when people feel nostalgic for a place they’ve never been to, or some era long forgotten from the past.

3. You have a clear memory of names and events you don’t really know.

When you recognize people, places, or events you’ve never been to in your life, but are correct none the less, it indicates reincarnation.

Such recognition suggests that your previous life has all these memories. This happens mostly in children whose objective reality and recognition capabilities are strong.

In fact, that’s how psychiatrist first realized that past lives are much more serious subject to dive in than they previously thought. After a hypnotic session with a patient, the psychiatrist realized that the patient was remembering events that could not have happened in their lifetime. So they started digging a little more and experimented with other patients. It was discovered that many people unconsciously carry memories from other lifetimes.

4. You have a strong intuition.

You have a strong ability to connect with your innate knowledge. As your soul has been through many lifetimes it carries information about the world.

This information is your inner wisdom and it is most commonly experienced through your intuitive knowledge. The stronger the intuition the more information, at least in most cases.

The more you experience it, the more your intuition will intensify. And if it is already intense, it means you’ve been using your intuition throughout many lifetimes.

5. You have experiences of Deja vu.

While others surmise that Deja vu is just a neurological dissonance, you know it deep in yourself that it is something else. It might be other infinite dimensions or realities.

By sensing that certain events have already taken place, you are able to glimpse that it has something to do with your past life experiences.

It might be that your soul has been reincarnated for so long that there are similar things and events that happened over and over again, and them happening again trigger all of those memories inside your soul. Another theory is that you’ve lived a similar life in some alternate Universe and certain things and events are exactly the same. And that’s why you experience the phenomenon.

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