Empath’s are the Best Mind Detectives! 10 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Mess With an Empath

Empaths are extremely powerful people, and I wouldn’t recommend that you mess with one. Empaths are excellent at reading body language and they are the best mind detectives!

Empaths are born with a gift; they have the ability to feel others feelings. Although this is handy when you need someone to talk to, this isn’t their primary gift. Empaths are experts on human psychology by second nature.

This gives them to ability to be able to tell when someone is faking, lying, or simply not who they said they were. Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize this.

As an empath, the best way to explain this is: the knowing just happens. We know how to read people, and we aren’t easily fooled. If you are a cheating type of partner, don’t get with an empath. You will soon enjoy the taste of your own medicine.

Empaths are Basically Lie Detectors 

When someone lies, they give off certain subconscious body movements and ‘ticks’, if you must. Common ways to identify a liar is their eye movement, and overwhelming intention to convince you.

However, if you’re an empath you already know this. You don’t know how to explain why you know, you just do. It is the most prominent feeling you’ll ever feel in your gut.

Don’t Try to Fool Them 

Empaths feel other people’s feelings – much more than they would want too. Because of this, they know when you’re faking. Don’t try and hide your cruel intentions around an empath – it simply won’t work.

Empathic people can see right through your conniving disguise. They often don’t ever approach it either because they are also aware that you obviously have some kind of mental distortion.

They Sense Jealousy 

Empathic people can feel when you are jealous of them. You might expect this to make them feel a bit charismatic, but that would be wrong.

Empath’s might know that you are jealous of them for whatever reason, and they will often demonstrate humility to make you feel more comfortable.

They Sense Hatred 

One of the most prevalent senses an empath has is for hatred. Hatred is such a negative emotion it gives off a negative energy that is powerful. Empaths are drawn away by this feeling. They aren’t hurt over your hatred, but would rather not have their soul affected by your negative energy.

They do not lose sleep over any hatred, which often causes people to hate them even more. They are comfortable with who they are, and they expect to be nobody else.

They Know your Prejudices 

Empaths will always know when you have a hidden prejudice. If you are discomforted by people with different colored skin, sexual orientation, or personality differences, they empath will very likely lose interest.

Empathic people are not interested in people who are shallow or self-absorbed.

They Know you’re not Fine 

“are you okay?”

“yes, I am fine.”

“No, you’re not. Now tell me everything.”

If you have ever had this conversation with a friend, they are more than likely an empath. Empaths know when you lie, and they also know when you feel bad. Having a friend you can talk to about things is a tremendous help!

Take advantage of your friend’s healing abilities and do not lie to them. Don’t be afraid; they want to help.

They Can Read Lackey’s Like a  Book 

Empaths hate small talk, and they hate sucking up even more. Don’t falsely compliment an empath to gain their affection.

They actually hate this, and they see what you’re doing. An Empath’s most powerful ability is deciphering people’s actions and intentions.

They Know When You’re on The Wrong Path 

If you have an empathic friend and they are warning you about things you’ve been doing, LISTEN TO THEM. Empaths are so good at predicting self-de

struction it is similar to time travel.

They know your subconscious reasoning for acting out and it isn’t worth it – and they will tell you that too. When an empath is telling you that you are heading for a dark place, you better seriously reevaluate your intentions.

They Know When You’re Trying to be Someone You’re Not

Empaths have the ability to see a personals spirit. They appreciate your perks and your flaws! There is nothing more attractive to an empath than someone who is their self. When you try to put on an act, they will know.

Be confident in your own skin and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Especially in front of an empath.

They Can Identify Exploitation 

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted something, so you would ‘butter up’ your parents to get what you want. Maybe that is a southern term, so essentially you’re being nice to someone to gain a benefit from them.

Don’t do this to an empath – they will stop you in your tracks. You are more likely o get what you want by saying it straight up.

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