Be True to Yourself: 4 Easy Steps for Balancing Energy Fields

When you think of energy balancing, the first things that may come to mind are tools like chakra stones, auric cleansing therapies, shielding jewelry, and regular meditation practices, so the relationship to being true to yourself and balancing energy fields may not be readily apparent. However, this is one of the easiest ways to quickly realign when you feel ‘off center.’ With long-term ‘practice’ of consciously being true to yourself, you can propel and amplify your mind/body/spirit journey. In other words, while it’s beneficial to have the assistance of healing stones and crystals and other tools, YOU are the most powerful tool in your energy balancing arsenal!

1. Be Mindful of Your Focus

What you focus energy upon determines your reality, and all too often we literally GIVE AWAY OUR ENERGY to distractions and efforts that don’t serve our Higher Selves. After a long session on the computer, in front of the TV, or a visit or call with a low-vibrational acquaintance, you might notice that when you come back to yourself that you feel ungrounded, disconnected, and fragmented. That’s because these distortions cause an unshielded individual’s energy to fall out of balance and alignment.

Everything we do, think, say, hear, and see is a powerful energetic force that is part of the co-creation of our individual reality that feeds into the collective’s universal prana, as well. Be mindful of what you are surrounding yourself with at all times, eradicate energy-drains and distractions, and focus your energies on things that are in alignment with your true essence of love and peace. Catching yourself falling out of focus and redirecting your attention helps your energies rebalance and raises your vibrations. One might consider employing stones for balancing energy fields that activate the base chakra such as hematite, red jasper, obsidian, or garnet.

2. Recognize That You Already ‘Fit In’

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that many people consider you to be ‘different, unusual, weird, or out there.’ Being outside of general society’s inner circle is where the good stuff awaits – like spiritual enlightenment, joy, and peace. Stop trying to divide yourself between who you really are and how you’re trying to be seen in other’s eyes. After all, we already have enough duality in this realm. We are not born seeking a sense of belonging or acceptance. These seemingly instinctual ‘cravings’ that plague us throughout our lives likely begin at home with our parents and family only to be perpetuated by education, socially accepted ‘norms’ and expectations, friends, partnerships, and so on. However, only you can define who you truly are and allow yourself to own it.

The next time you find yourself twisting yourself into a pretzel to fit in and not being true to your nature, remember what they say, ‘your vibe is your tribe.’ So, if you’re still striving to ‘fit in’ with your current tribe, perhaps it’s time to blossom out and explore neighboring tribes, so to speak! Embrace your differences, and know that you already fit in and are a valued part of the collective. The truth is: A SENSE OF BELONGING BEGINS WITH SELF ACCEPTANCE – and you can never be greater than your own level of self-acceptance, so aim for authenticity in your words and actions. Accept your imperfections and vulnerabilities. Authenticity promotes balance within your auric field. Stones for balancing energy fields related to acceptance are those that activate the solar plexus chakra including citrine, carnelian, tiger eye, and serpentine.

3. Accept Your ‘Flaws’ and Call them Love

Let your soul shine through all the B.S. life throws your way at all times. Understand that as a spiritual being living a human experience that you are flawed by design, so to speak. Humans are incapable of achieving any level of true ‘perfection’ outside of themselves, but can find acceptance of all their perceived ‘flaws’ amid their soul essence. Because love is perfection, and we all ARE love, then you are already perfection as a direct reflection of Source.

Your Soul is Calling You to be your true self…it beckons you to dig deeper into your subconscious and understand the true nature of your own self-image. By being true to yourself, you can transform these revelations into action. Acceptance, love, and actionable changes go hand in hand and are a powerful ways to balance the chakras and energy fields. To embrace a more loving energy  for yourself and others, consider energy balancing stones such as rose quartz, green aventurine, amazonite, and rhodochrosite.

4. Allow No Technology to Enslave Your Energy

Technologically Emitted EMFs drain your energy and cloud your auric fields on their own; however, they take us further away from our true selves when they dominate our time and our lives. The click of a button can instantly bring us back into the present moment, to our true selves, which raises our vibrations and jump starts the energy restoration processes. For example:

  • Focusing on fear based media, scandalous celebrity programs, and script-based ‘reality’ shows will NOT propel you closer to your true self. Tune out of television and tap into creating your own reality.
  • Cell phone addicts – turn it off. Enough said.
  • Take note of how many individuals ultimately ‘leave’ social media sites claiming that ‘the negativity is just too much’ for them to handle every day, and they opt to separate themselves from it – Kudos!

Eliminating just one technologically based distraction from your life could help you bring your energy and auric fields back into balance, and truly change your ‘reality’ in profound ways!

You are at your strongest, a more powerful creator, more grounded and whole within when you focus you energies on things that are highly vibrational like nature, music, dancing, laughing, beauty, prayer, meditation…Live your life as your TRUE SELF – live abundantly and step into your realm of mastery.

About the Author

Stephanie Lucas resonates with the vibrations of stones and crystals and imbibes in ‘playing’ with them and eating healing clay daily. When she’s not writing, reading or terrorizing Facebook, you might find her dancing with hippies in a drum circle or meandering through the forest with a wand looking for fairies, nymphs and unicorns to collaborate with.


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