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DNA Memory and the Recycling of Consciousness [VIDEO]

Everything in the universe recycles, so why not consciousness? The subject of consciousness is one that is simply avoided by most medical doctors and scientists. Deepak Chopra combines his knowledge of biology, physics, and spirituality to explain such phenomena. He looks at death as ‘creativity’, and points out that every creative process has a death involved. This is certainly a very positive outlook to have on a subject that most…


This Boy Can Recall His Terrifying Past Life in Great Detail

There are thousands of cases in which children have reported memories of a past life. In many of these cases children can recall how they died, where they lived, and even names of family members. Upon contacting the family members from their previous lives, they can then verify that such a person existed and died in such a manor. The following video features a boy who remembers terrifying details of…


19 Must Read Books about the Near Death Experience

What happens when we die? Do we have souls? Is there life after death? These are, perhaps, the greatest mysteries known to man. However, many claim that they have the answers to these questions. There are thousands of intriguing stories told by those who have been pronounced clinically dead, and came back to life. These stories share many similarities: a tunnel, an embracing light, loved ones welcoming them to the…