Life After Death: The Return to Earth

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When a spirit or soul experiences life after death and studies lessons in Paradise on the astral planes, it also learns about the family it is considering being born to back on Earth.

One woman I talked to about this thought the mere idea was eerie: “Do you mean my baby was watching me the whole time I was pregnant?” she asked in wide-eyed astonishment. Apparently, it is all part of the plan of life after death, and shows that the spirit is in total control of its birth circumstances.

Most souls do not enter the body until the baby takes its first breath, although there are unusual circumstances when the soul may enter the body just before or after birth. What is true of all life after death experiences is the soul determines which family to join, usually because of past karmic ties, as well as the possibilities of learning life lessons.

In life after death, a soul chooses parents they wish to join on Earth based on how much they can learn and karma they may need to work out with members of a particular family.

During a regression exploring life after death, one of my subjects explained how the best intentions in the astral plane don’t always translate to life on the physical plane of Earth: “Things look so simple on the spirit plane, but when you are in a physical body things become more complicated, and you lose sight of your goal.”

By exploring the phenomenon of life after death, I have taken many regressed subjects through both the death and the birth experience. The spirit may choose to observe the birth and enter the baby’s body after it has been born, or may decide to enter the baby while it is still within the mother’s body to experience the physical birth.

The subjects I have worked with reported that the spirit does not like to be within the developing fetus. These spirits describe feelings of warmth and darkness while being extremely cramped and uncomfortable. Most incarnate as the baby is being born.

In all my years practicing past life regression and investigating life after death, I have witnessed some strange things, but none perhaps odder than watching someone go through the actual birth process. They often experience strong pressure about the head and shoulders and sometimes even gasp as though they’re having difficulty breathing.

When a soul recalls the birth experience that follows life after death, they describe not seeing anything during the physical birth until they come out into the light. Interestingly, this is not so different from the experience of death, when many souls recall seeing light.

Once they are born into a physical body, they feel cold and confused. Their first cries are in frustration at not being able to communicate. Then forgetfulness sweeps over them as their responses dull and the memories of life after death and other existences fade away.

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